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Welcome! Climate, biogeochemical cycles, and planetary tectonics are the three basic processes that shape the environment. Geoscientists face a unique challenge in seeking to understand the complexity of the Earth's physical and biogeochemical systems. The surface environment of the Earth is controlled by interactions between the deep Earth, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the biosphere. These interactions occur on timescales ranging from picoseconds for chemical reactions on mineral surfaces to the billions of years over which plate tectonic processes and biological evolution have radically altered the composition of the atmosphere. Princeton’s Department of Geosciences is at the forefront of scientific discovery in the solid earth, the environmental geosciences and oceanography/climate science. Our faculty and students address critical societal issues, such as climate change and geologic hazards, through research and education at all levels. Our mission is to understand Earth’s history and its future, the energy and resources required to support an increasing global population, and the challenge of sustainability in a changing climate. Interested in coming to Geosciences for graduate school? Please get in touch with individual faculty members to find out more and ask about visiting us!

Photo Above: Students exploring the area around Bears Ears at a place called Arch Canyon Overlook, inside Mystery Valley that is part of Monument Valley Tribal Park, AZ. Photo courtesy of Tommy Rock (GEO 360)

Professor Allan Rubin on the April 5, 2024 New Jersey Earthquake

Seismometer graph showing blue readings

The magnitude 4.8 earthquake that we felt in Guyot Hall was one of only a handful this large to have struck New Jersey in the last 300 years.  Probably the largest of these occurred in 1783, with a magnitude estimated to be 5.3 (this was before seismometers were available). An aftershock was felt around 6 o'clock. 


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Prof. Jie Deng
Assistant Professor of Geosciences

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