Princeton Geosciences Class Day ‘20, Friday, May 29

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Princeton Geosciences Class Day ‘20

Program:  Friday, May 29, 3:00-4:00 PM
Location: Video Conferencing

Contact: Danielle Schmitt,

2:30-3:00:  REMO Mingling 


3:00-3:15:  Geo Commencement

Shubin, graphicNEIL SHUBIN, University of Chicago,
Expeditionary geologist, paleontologist & biologist

Prof. Robert R. Bensley,
Distinguished Service Professor of Organismal Biology and Anatomy; Author of Your Inner Fish, The Universe Within, and Some Assembly Required

3:15-3:40:  Announcement of students and their theses

Roman Ackley
Do Arctic lake sediments record historical climate change?
Sam Bartusek
Turbulence at the tropical tropopause: rare or ubiquitous?
Udit Basu
How did volcanism in India kill the dinosaurs?
Alexander Cavoli
How are El Nino and tropical cyclones related?
Kiley Coates
How to convert plant material and food waste into usable composts for different applications?
Charles Copeland
How does plant water storage affect soil water balance?
Perrin Hagge
Is Bison diet reflected in the chemistry of their teeth?
Polly Hochman
Does lead contamination in Trenton tap water leave a fingerprint?
Liam O’Connor
Where do the zircons come from that date extinction of the dinosaurs?
Calvin Rusley
What parameters control methane release from wetlands?
Elizabeth Wallace
How is fixed nitrogen lost in an oceanic oxygen minimum zone?
Laurie Zielinski
Can a handheld spectrometer reveal the composition and authenticity of cultural artifacts?
Alex Cox (CEE)
Do the morphologies of Earth's most ancient fossils record information about water depth and the environment?

3:45-4:30+:  More REMO Mingling