Climate Seminar - Philander

Mon, Mar 28, 2022, 4:00 pm
Guyot 220
All Welcome

A recent review asserts that the past million years are the most difficult times to test the Milankovitch (Ice Age) hypothesis. However, if the climate record is regarded as the score of a musical composition, then the recurrent saw-tooth signal -- a prolonged cooling (glaciation) trend followed by a brief warming (deglaciation) trend -- becomes the leitmotif, of variations on a theme, that assists with identifying what different cold glacial maxima have in common, and in what way each is distinct. (Similarly for temperate interglacials.) This information can be used to improve the “tuning” of climate models by simulating the seasonal cycle at glacial maxima, and at interglacials. Rachmaninov’s variations on a theme of Paganini provide hints on how to proceed.

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