Climate Seminar - Roobaert

Mon, Apr 4, 2022, 4:00 pm
All Welcome

While the intensity of the global ocean carbon uptake is well constrained using data driven as well as modeling approaches, the quantification of the net CO2 exchange between the coastal ocean and the atmosphere is still not quite as well understood and some debate remains regarding whether some poorly monitored regions behave as sources or sinks of atmospheric CO2. Moreover, the identification of the underlying drivers responsible for the global scale spatio-temporal variability in coastal air-sea CO2 exchange (FCO2) remains uncertain.

 In this seminar, I will present an analysis of the spatial and seasonal FCO2 distribution for the entire coastal ocean domain. This analysis is performed using continuous monthly sea surface pCO2 maps based on observations combined with a two-step neuronal network interpolation method. I will then compare this data product with the results generates by the MOM6- COBALT model and evaluated its ability to simulate the spatio-temporal variability of sea surface pCO2 in the coastal domain. Finally, I will illustrate the application of MOM6-COBALT to quantifies the respective effects of thermal changes, biological activity, ocean circulation and freshwater fluxes to examine seasonal pCO2 changes in highly variable coastal environments.

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