Grad Presentations

Fri, Oct 15, 2021, 11:00 am
Guyot 220 & Zoom link through S. Robas
All Welcome


11:00-11:20 AM – Moriah Kunes
“Exploring the Nitrogen Cycle within the Coral Holobiont”
B. Ward, D. Sigman, X. Zhang

11:20-11:40 AM – Gemma Sahwell
“Diagenesis in Shallow Marine Carbonates from the Late Ordovician, Hirnantian Glaciation”
J. Higgins, D. Sigman, B. Ward

11:40-12:00 PM – Joseph Lockwood
“Correlation between sea-level rise and aspects of future tropical cyclone activity in CMIP6 models”
M. Oppenheimer, G. Vecchi, N. Lin (CEE), Robert Kopp (Rutgers)


01:30-01:50 PM – Mason Scher
“A multi-isotope approach to reconstructing dinosaur diets: trophic structure and niche partitioning”
D. Sigman, J. Higgins, B. Schoene

01:50-02:10 PM – Huda Al Alawi
“Inner Core Anisotropy: A Step to Introducing Spatially Varying Anisotropy Axis”
J. Tromp, F. Simons, T. Duffy

02:10-02:30 PM – Page Dabney
“Investigating the Background Free Oscillations of Mars”
J. Tromp, F. Simons, T. Duffy

02:30-02:50 PM – Terance Schuh
“U-CORS: An Underwater Continuously Operating Reference Station to Facilitate Seafloor Geodesy”
F. Simons, J. Tromp, A. Rubin

To request disability-related accommodations for any of our events, please contact The Office of Disabilities Services at or 609-258-8840, at least 3 working days prior to the event.