Graduate Seminar

Grad student seminar is a seminar series for geosciences/AOS graduate students to present and discuss our research with each other. The purpose of this seminar is to foster open communication and potential collaboration between all our different fields, build upon our graduate student community, and have a judgment-free setting where we are able to ask all the questions and get practice presenting and communicating our science. 

Presentations can be anything related to your research that you think would be interesting to the graduate student community! This could be an informal discussion of new results/ideas/methods, fully formed research talks, primers on interesting questions or topics in your field, or something else that you imagine. In all cases, presentations should be accessible to people from a wide range of Geosciences fields. Discussion is an essential and valuable part of this series. Presentations should be a maximum of 15min and please be conscientious of this when planning so that we will have plenty of time for discussion.

Seminars are held every other Wednesday, with two presenters per day. Each presenter will have 15min of talking time, and 10min of discussion time. Seminar will be held from 12:30 - 1:30pm in Guyot 155 & 154.

Any questions/cancellations e-mail John Tracey

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