Solid Earth Brown Bag: Burky & Pipatprathanporn

Fri, Sep 24, 2021, 12:00 pm
Guyot 10
Brown Bag

The Solid Earth Brown Bag Series Presents

Alex Burky"75 Leagues Under New Jersey: Exploring the Mantle Transition Zone beneath Eastern North America"

Utilizing the massive volume of seismic data made available by the US Array experiment, we create high resolution receiver function images of the Mantle Transition Zone beneath Eastern North America. We then investigate the robustness of these images in the context of multiple seismic tomography models, and conclude with a discussion of features of interest and their geodynamic and mineral physical implications.

Pete Pipatprathanporn "One Year of Sound Recorded by a MERMAID Float in the Pacific: Hydroacoustic earthquake signals and infrasonic ambient noise"

A MERMAID float recorded the sound in the ocean including not only earthquakes but also all kinds of noise in the ocean although it only reported the earthquake signals, leaving the noise section in the buffer. Here, I present a unique one-year-data set of sound recorded in the South Pacific by a recovered MERMAID float, both earthquake signal and noise.

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