Solid Earth Brown Bag - Hejun Zhu

Feb 15, 2024, 12:30 pm1:20 pm
Guyot Hall 220
Brown Bag



Event Description

In this presentation, I will demonstrate the applications of coda wave interferometry in exploring the dynamic response of the Earth to various environmental processes. The focus will be on measuring relative seismic velocity changes, indicative of near-surface fluctuations influenced by factors such as temperature, pore space, water saturation, fractures, and faults. Three case studies will be used to show the potential of utilizing seismometers for monitoring environmental phenomena. The first case study examines spatial and temporal variations in seismic velocity, providing valuable insights to groundwater recharge/discharge cycles. The second case study involves the usage of long-term seismometers in Greenland to investigate seasonal and long-term changes in seismic velocity, which enhances our understanding of how the Earth's crust responds to loading and unloading cycles associated with ice sheet melting. The final case study explores the potential of utilizing near-surface seismic velocity changes to predict floods, illustrated by an example from the historical 2022 Yellowstone flood, which offers valuable implications for flood monitoring and mitigation strategies. These case studies show the potential of turning thousands of seismometers to monitor environmental changes. 

Host: Will Eaton

Bring your lunch, snacks served.


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