GWC and Contacts

Graduate Work Committee (GWC)

The GWC comprises a group of four to five faculty members, broadly representative of the main academic and research areas within the Department. The Chair and other members of this Committee are appointed on a yearly basis by the Department Chair. The Chair of the Graduate Work Committee is the Department Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). Their general duties are to oversee all aspects of the graduate program in GEO, i.e., everything described in this handbook.


Current members of the GWC are:
Blair Schoene (member, and DGS):
John Higgins (member):
Jeroen Tromp (member):
Gabe Vecchi (member):

Graduate program administrator:
Sheryl Robas:

For Graduate Students

  • Graduate Student Brochure
    Last Update: 09/02/2022
    This guide is meant to give comprehensive coverage of the academic requirements in GEO for attaining a Ph.D. It focuses on the first and second years, as these have the most requirements. Years 3-5+ focus on dissertation research and career services.