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Appendix A

Appendix A

The University maintains webpages with general info about the dissertation:

and the degree application and completion process: including links to checklist for Ph.D. defense and all necessary forms

The general requirements for the doctoral dissertation at Princeton University are set forth in its Graduate School Announcement.  The Princeton University Archives assumes responsibility for liaison with the agency that does the microfilming.  In order that certain minimum standards of uniformity may be observed in the publishing process, the following guidelines should be followed.

1. The permanently hard-bound copies of the dissertation ready for publication should be submitted to the department in final form before the Final Public Oral examination.  If typed, one of the two copies should be the original ribbon copy.  One copy becomes a part of the permanent collections of the Library, the other copy becomes a part of the permanent collections of the University Archives.  The Archival copy is sent temporarily to University Microfilms International in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  A Microfilm master is made and kept there in order that   inexpensive copies may be purchased by anyone interested.

2. The margin on the left should be at least 1-3/4 inches with one inch on the other three sides.  The paper should be at least 20 pound paper

3. The two copies submitted to the department must each contain:

A single title page following the format of the attached sample.

A copyright page, if copyright projection is desired, following the format of the attached sample.  An abstract which must be bound with the dissertation, its pages numbered as part of the dissertation.  It must also be listed in the Table of Contents.  Although there is no word limit for this abstract, there is for the loose abstract -- see item #5.

4. A copy of the title page must be attached to a Microfilming Agreement Form.

5. Two additional copies of the abstract, bearing the legal name of the author and the title of the dissertation, must be deposited with the department.  One copy goes to the Archives for publication in Dissertation Abstracts International, and therefore must be a good dark copy.  THIS LOOSE ABSTRACT  MUST NOT EXCEED 350 WORDS IN LENGTH.  (Maximum 2,450  typewritten characters -- including spaces and punctuation -- about 70 characters per line with a maximum of 35 lines).  Please remember that all  lengthy abstracts will be returned to the author for further editing before the dissertation will be processed for microfilming.

6.  The Microfilming Agreement Form is a legally binding agreement between the  author and University Microfilms International and must be completed in its entirety.  This form must then be deposited with the department. The  publication fee must be paid to the Graduate School before the Final Public Oral Examination will be authorized by the Dean of the Graduate School.

7. If copyright protection is desired, the appropriate sections should be completed on the Microfilming Agreement Form.  A CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER, NOT A PERSONAL CHECK, payable to University Microfilms International must accompany the Agreement Form when turned in to the department. The Copyright fee includes the submission costs of the two positive copies to the Copyright Office and all other filing charges.

8. The leaflet, Preparing Your Manuscript for Microfilming, outlines standard practice on format and all technical requirements of the microfilming process and should be read carefully and followed.

9. Footnotes may be placed at the bottom of the page, at the end of the chapters or at the end of the dissertation, depending on the preference of the author and his/her advisor.

10. The author's full legal name must be used on the title page, copyright page,    abstract, Microfilming Agreement Form, and wherever else the name appears.

11. Any other questions you may have can be directed to your departmental    secretary or the University Archives Office in the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript   Library on Olden Street (8-3213).

12. Once your dissertation is returned from University Microfilms International it will be open for inspection by readers in the University Archives.  

According to University policy, no photocopying will be permitted from the Archival copy unless you choose to grant it. To circumvent this limitation on the dissemination of scientific information, students should include the following statement with your signature on a page following your title page or, if applicable, copyright page, "I authorize Princeton University to reproduce this publication by photocopying or by other means, in total of in part, at the request of other institutions or individuals for the purpose of scholarly research."

Academic Program Overview

1. GEO Requirements for First Year Studies

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4. The General Examination

5. Dissertation

6. Thesis Formalities

7. Final Oral Examination

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10. Length of the Program

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17. Procedure for Terminating Enrollment

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