Academic Policies

21. Miscellaneous Department Information

21. Miscellaneous Department Information

a) Library - The Geosciences Library ( is supervised by Louise Deis.  Regulations are issued by her office.

The contact information of Geosciences:

Lewis Science Library

Telephone (609) 258-3235; Map Collection (609) 258-6804


Louise Deis, Librarian

b) Shops – Facilities

All the carpenter, plumbing, electrical, steam fitting, glazing and stockroom services require work orders and an account number.  Work requirements should be directed through Mike Morris’ office. Repairs to existing buildings (all trades) do not require account numbers as this comes under ordinary maintenance.  If the work is in emergency, and you cannot reach the facility manager, please contact the customers services at 258-8000 during the normal office hours, and at Public Safety at 258-3134 during the out of working hours.

Keys are issued through Mike Morris, but you will need to contact your professor’s personal assistant first to get keys to Guyot building, your office and/or lab areas.

C) Statement of Computer Policy

All members of the Department are required to adhere to University policy on computer ethics, including maintenance of security of computer accounts, vigilance against computer viruses, and keeping illegal copies of software off of our computers.

Regarding costs of connecting personally-owned computers to the network, the following applies:

(1) Hardware and cables for privately-owned computers - borne by the student.

(2) Cost of IP connections and monthly charges to OIT Ethernet - borne by the research account.

Upon graduation, students must arrange with the computer systems manager to retain access to their account for a limited period (up to 12 months).  Failure to do so may result in the loss of your computer files!

Important links:

Princeton University OIT: 

E) Departmental Vehicles

Department vehicles are available for course field trips, field research, and authorized departmental business. As the new University regulation is now activated, we cannot drive 15 passengers or more vans; only 12 passengers or less are permitted for this kind of purpose. Mini-vans can take 7 people per car.

If you need to take a big group out to field, please consider hiring a Limo service with a certified driver.

To be able to drive the departmental vans, you must complete a driving record form and attend a University driver training session before you may be authorized to drive a University vehicle. This means, you must be certified by the University Public Safety Department. Please check it with the Public Safety department at:

All Departmental vehicle users are responsible for taking all measures possible for the efficient availability of all vehicles for everyone in the Department (such as mileages, odometers, gas gauge).  A copy of driver license issued in USA needs to be left to our facilities manager (Mike Morris) once you become a certified van driver.  You can reserve the vans and pick up the keys at Room 109. There is a sign book for the departmental vans.

Any operational problems including keys, sing-up books, breaks and/or other physical problems, should be reported to our facility manage (Mike Morris) for proper maintenance. Please insure that vehicles are cleaned out after use and the gas tank is no lower than 1/4 before you return it. If the gas is lower than ¼, you can fill up the gas at the garage at McMillan Building by using the “gray thing” in your key holder.

Van rentals: If you need extra vans, you can rent them.  Department of Geosciences has a contract with Enterprise, and can take 10 passengers (max) van. If the purpose is for your class, please contact Mike Morris to arrange the rental.  If the purpose is for your own research, then please talk to your group assistant who helps your Advisor. 

F) Xerox Use

A Xerox machine is available for research-related use. Graduate students are eligible for up to 2,000 copies per year

G) Private Use of Departmental Facilities

Use of Department facilities such as telephone, Xeroxing, postage, Federal Express, UPS, etc. for private use is charged to the individual user, and reimbursement to the Department for such services is to be made to Mary Rose Russo.

H) Policy of Dogs in Building

University policy dictates that dogs are not allowed in the building during regular office hours.  At other times, they may be brought in with the permission of the Department Chair if the dog is kept on a leash, is well-behaved, and does not interrupt the work of the Department.  Seeing-eye dogs or other trained assistance dogs are an exception.

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