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My Experience as an HMEI Intern
Nov. 13, 2023
Written by Rebecca Cho ’26

This past summer, Rebecca Cho ’26 had the incredible opportunity to be a research intern in the Sigman Lab at Princeton's Department of Geosciences through the High Meadows Environmental Institute (HMEI) Internship Program. 

Administrative Assistant Eva Groves Retires After 21 Years of Service
Nov. 6, 2023
Written by Georgette Chalker, The Department of Geosciences

On November 1, 2023, administrative assistant Eva Groves retired from the Department of Geosciences after 21 years of service. The department held a retirement celebration for her on Wednesday, September 20. Many department members attended including faculty, students, and staff. Two of Eva’s long-time “bosses,” Professors …

Conference on nitrification draws international experts
Sept. 18, 2023
Written by Tom Garlinghouse, for High Meadows Environmental Institute

Princeton’s department of geosciences recently hosted the eighth International Conference on Nitrification and Related Processes (ICoN8). The five-day event, held from July 30 to August 3 of this year, brought together scientists and researchers from all over the world to discuss and share current research on nitrification and related processes in the nitrogen cycle. (Ward mention)

It was the hottest summer on record, how can we change the climate crisis?
Sept. 5, 2023
Written by KCBS Radio: On-Demand

KCBS Radio hosts Margie Shafer and Eric Thomas spoke with Gabriel Vecchi, Geosciences professor and Director of the High Meadows Environmental Institute at Princeton on his assessment on this summer being the officially hottest on record. (AUDIO 1:32-17:38)

Prof. Gabriel Vecchi has been selected as a 2024 American Meteorological Society Fellow
Sept. 5, 2023
Written by The Department of Geosciences

Director of the High Meadows Environmental Institute (HMEI) and Professor of Geosciences and the High Meadows Environmental Institute Gabriel Vecchi has been selected as a 2024 American Meteorological Society (AMS) Fellow. The AMS recognizes outstanding leaders in the weather, water, and climate communities…

Florida hurricane Idalia intensifies rapidly
Aug. 29, 2023
Written by The World Public Radio

The World's Marco Werman spoke with Gabriel Vecchi, a climate scientist at Princeton University, about the reasons behind the intensification and how this is becoming much more common. (05:41 Audio)

When heavy metal meets microplastic: Princeton’s campus as a living lab
Aug. 25, 2023
Written by Office of Sustainability, Princeton University

National Science Foundation Earth Sciences Post-Doctoral Fellow Lauren Pincus has been studying the interaction of microplastics and heavy metals in the natural environment. Using Lake Carnegie on Princeton University’s campus as a real-world laboratory, as well as two other aquatic sites in New Jersey. (Video)

W. Jason Morgan, pioneer of plate tectonics, dies at 87
Aug. 14, 2023
Written by Liz Fuller-Wright, Office of Communications

William Jason Morgan, a leading scholar of plate tectonics and mantle movements, dies on July 31, 2023. Morgan, Princeton University’s Knox Taylor Professor of Geology, Emeritus, and a professor of geophysics, emeritus, was a pioneer of the theory of plate tectonics, which explains that mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes and more are caused by the movement of rigid plates floating on Earth’s mantle.

Geosciences Coprolites win Princeton's Interdepartmental Softball Championship
Aug. 10, 2023
Written by The Department of Geosciences

Congratulations to the department's softball team, the Coprolites, for winning this year's University summer softball championship.


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Q&A: Geosciences Professor Gabriel Vecchi on Extreme Heat
July 26, 2023
Written by Carlett Spike, Princeton Alumni Weekly

So, is extreme heat the new normal? Gabriel Vecchi, professor of geosciences and director of the High Meadows Environmental Institute, spoke with Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) about what’s causing the heat, advice for coping with the weather, and the actions people need to take now to make a difference. 

Congratulations to Dr. Bolton Howes for successfully defending his Ph.D. Thesis
July 24, 2023
Written by The Department of Geosciences

The Department of Geosciences and Princeton University congratulates Dr. Bolton Howes on successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis: "From Ooids to Extinction: Developing Physical Paleoenvironmental Proxies for Understanding Earth History."

Ethan Sontarp ’24 recipient of the 2023 Mineralogical Society of America Undergraduate Prize
July 18, 2023
Written by The Department of Geosciences

Congratulations to Ethan Sontarp ’24 who was awarded an Undergraduate Prize from the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) in recognition of his Junior Independent work with Assistant Professor Jie Deng

Heat Records Are Broken Around the Globe as Earth Warms, Fast
July 6, 2023
Written by Brad Plumer and Elena Shao, New York Times

From north to south, temperatures are surging as greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and combine with effects from El Niño. (Vecchi mention)

Unique Partnership Creates New Stories For A Changing Planet
June 22, 2023
Written by High Meadows Environmental Institute and Lewis Center for the Arts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Civilians theater company and Princeton University’s High Meadows Institute and Lewis Center for the Arts announce The Next Forever