2020 Service and Outreach Awards for Graduate Students

Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020

Please join us in honoring Jennifer J. Kasbohm and Katja E. Luxem for their contributions to Service and Outreach in the Geosciences.

The awards, which consist of an honorarium and an official notice in the Departmental records and publications, are intended to recognize, and thereby stimulate, broader impacts—in the form of service (including but not limited to diversity equity and inclusion), outreach and advocacy—beyond the traditional definitions of "research" and "teaching." (See here for the 2021 call for nominations.)

Jennifer Kasbolm award

Jennifer J. Kasbohm

Jenn is an exceptional mentor for women in our department. As a student leader in Princeton Women in GeoSciences (PWiGS), dedicated to improving the experience of female scientists in the Geosciences Department, and spearheading Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) conversations with faculty and fellow graduate students, Jenn has enabled programming and the creation of new policies to better support all members of our Department. Jenn blends excellence in research with compassion, kindness and support for those around herbroader impacts that are critical for the scientific enterprise to diversify and improve. Jenn has been exceptionally generous with her time, insight and compassion. Jenn has a deep commitment to improving the scientific community. Her input and her insights were instrumental in making these conversations productive, and they began a culture of soliciting student input on issues of diversity, inclusivity, representation and equity. This award is but a small way of recognizing the work, the courage, and the care that she has dedicated towards helping our Department, and the broader scientific community, better ourselves.

Katje Luxem award

Katja E. Luxem

Katja is an idealist with a deep abiding commitment to advancing science in a just society. While driving top notch research Katja has, throughout her studies, engaged in numerous efforts to better educate herself and others on how to apply science for the benefit of all in our society. A 2017 American Geosciences Institute policy intern in Washington DC, Katja has been active in Princeton Citizen Scientists, the Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars group, and in the Princeton Town Council. She has pursued a Science and Technology Policy Certificate offered by The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, and organized a Science Advocacy trip to Congress. Despite not “holding a position” on the Departmental Diversity Committee, Katja has been instrumental in the work that the committee does. She took on the role of collector, compiler and spokesperson of anonymous feedback on how our Department can work to improve diversity and equity within its ranks and its curriculum. And, last but not least: mason jars and compost bins! We owe Katja for her tireless efforts promoting campus sustainability efforts.

Thank you! Congratulations,
 and keep up the good work.

Your commitment to service
and outreach is inspiring and
motivating others.