Agenda: Today's "Earth's Environments & Ancient Civilizations" Final Oral Presentation

Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012
Thursday December 13, 1:30--3:30 pm in Guyot Hall 178
Earth's Environments & Ancient Civilizations imageThe freshman seminar "Earth's Environments & Ancient Civilizations" will give their final oral presentations. You will hear 15 minute talks about the 100-million year geological history that created the island of Cyprus, the Messinian salinity crisis that dried out most of the Mediterranean, and three geoarchaeological attempts to find buried ancient cities in the town of Polis (e.g.,

The program is as follows:
1:30 -- 1:35: Introduction
1:35 -- 1:50: Past to Present: A Stratigraphic History of Cyprus
1:55 -- 2:10: Exploring the Messinian Salinity Crisis (When the Mediterranean Dried-Up)
2:15 -- 2:30: Raiders of the Lost Wall: Analysis of a Sanctuary in Polis-Peristeries, Cyprus
2:35 -- 2:50: Using Geophysical Properties to Detect Subsurface Archaeological Structures in Peristeries, Cyprus
2:55 -- 3:10: Searching the Unseen: an Archaeological Exploration of the Peristeries Plateau in Polis, Cyprus
3:15 -- 3:30: Discussion and Celebration
There will be refreshments. Feel free to bring your friends!

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