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Professor Gabriel A. Vecchi

Professor of Geosciences and the Princeton Environmental Institute; Deputy Director of Cooperative Institute for Modeling the Earth System; Director, PEI Climate and Energy Grant Challenge

Research Areas

Climate science; extreme weather events; hurricanes; mechanisms of precipitation variability and change; ocean-atmosphere interaction; detection and attribution.



Professor of Geosciences and the Princeton Environmental Institute


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Friday, Sep 8, 2017
As Irma moves toward the Florida, WHYY Radiotimes Marty Moss-Coane talks with Princeton University geoscientist, Gabriel Vecchi, about the hurricane, storm prediction and the role of climate change.
Thursday, Sep 7, 2017
With sadness and respect, The Department notes the death of Alfred Fischer, faculty 1956-1984, on July 2, 2017 at the age 95.
Thursday, Sep 7, 2017
There are some major oddities of hurricane behavior in the North Atlantic basin — the region that includes the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico — that continue to puzzle scientists and spark debate. Surveying them helps explain where we now find ourselves — and also, how dangerous complacency about hurricane dangers, triggered by long periods of...
Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017
In 1967, Jason Morgan discovered the theory of plate tectonics — the idea that rigid plates pave the Earth’s surface, moving relative to one another with the continents and oceans in tow. Recently, Morgan read a new article in "Science" by the geologist H. William Menard, who had mapped long cracks called “fracture zones." “I instantly saw the...
Friday, Sep 1, 2017
Carbon capture and storage received a boost from a study that indicated the procedure would not be prone to leakage or high costs related to fixing leaks. “That link was not there before, and that is really what has motivated our study,” said Hang Deng *15, a postdoctoral researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. “I think this is really...