The Beauty of Minerals: Nature as Artist on Display in Geosciences Department

June 26, 2018

A new display consisting of a collection of 30 fine minerals has been unveiled in the Alexander H. Phillips Mineral Gallery in Guyot Hall. The minerals are on loan from the extensive collection of Carl ’64 and Edna Heimowitz. The specimens were collected over many years and originate from six different continents. The theme of the exhibit is Nature as Artist; the collection showcases the variety of colors, textures, and shapes found naturally in minerals, and reminds us that nature is both a scientist and artist. The exhibit was designed and installed by Louse Barrett (Princeton Art Museum) assisted by Kellie Swadba ’17.

a. The first case showing "The Splendor of Minerals" title display, including a large specimen of Calcite from Mexico and other minerals;  b. Three cases as seen in Guyot Hall;  c. Pyrite, Mexico;  d. Pyrite and Dolomite, Peru;  e. Desert Rose Selenite, Mexico;  f. Malachite, Democratic Republic of Congo;  g. Fluorite "Dragon's Egg," China and Ruby in Zoisite, Tanzania;  h. Fluorite on Quartz, China;  i. Barite on Fluorite, China and Calcite, Namibia;   j. Quartz and Fluorite with Sphalerite, United Kingdom and Hematite, Italy;  k. Amethyst on White Quartz, United States and Cavansite and Stilbite, India;  l. Chalcedony Pseudomorph, Romania and Pyromorphite, China;  m. The middle showcase showing minerals displayed side-by-side.

A selection of minerals from the three showcases at Guyot Hall.