Congratulations to Dr. Zachary Garvin for successfully defending his Ph.D. Thesis

Written by
The Department of Geosciences
May 17, 2024


Zachary with examining committee in front of Guyot's globe

Zachary Garvin with defense examining committee, (l. to r.) Satish Myneni, Bess Ward, Zachary, Karen Lloyd and Xinning Zhang.


The Department of Geosciences,
Princeton University


Zachary K. Garvin

on successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis

"Assessing the Influence of Hot Spring Proximity on the Microbiology of Surrounding Soils: Spatial Patterns in Metabolisms and Organic Signatures"


May 17, 2024

Adviser:  Bess Ward

The examining committee members were:

Bess B. Ward, Satish C. Myneni, Xinning Zhang, Karen Lloyd (Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville) and Eric Boyd (Univ. of Montana)