Dr. Alfonso Pardo, Visiting Faculty from the Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

Nov. 8, 2011


Alphonso Pardo

Dr. Alfonso Pardo, September 2011, Visiting Faculty from the Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain. Dr. Pardo is currently an associate professor at the Polytechnic School of Huesca, of Zaragoza University, lecturing in the Environmental Science.

Alfonso Pardo (Bochum, Germany, 1964), is a former graduate student at the Department of Geosciences, with Prof. Gerta Keller. He obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1998. As a specialist in planktonic foraminifera, biostratigraphy and paleoecology, Alfonso has worked on the K/T boundary mass extinction of Cretaceous-Tertiary, Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum event and the Cenomanian-Turonian anoxic event.

Dr. Pardo is also a certified 3star CMAS diving instructor and confirmed scientific diver by the World Underwater Federation (CMAS). Using his scuba-diver skills, he participates as field researcher in a multidisciplinary scientific project to track and characterize human impacts at the glacial lakes of the Aragonese Pyrenees during last century.

His main activity at Princeton University is lecturing GEO 203Geology” course. He also collaborates with Prof. Keller in the laboratory sessions and field trip of GEO 365Evolution and Catastrophes”course.