GEO grad Danielle Schlesinger and seven other graduate students honored for excellence in teaching and service

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


On Thursday, April 19, 2018, the Graduate School presented Geosciences graduate student Danielle Schlesinger and seven other graduate students with its annual Teaching Awards in recognition of their outstanding teaching abilities. 

Recipients were honored at a “Tribute to Teaching” reception hosted by Dean of the Graduate School, Sarah-Jane Leslie.  Dean Leslie went over the specifics of why each recipient was selected and by whom.  Each winner also receives a $1000 monetary award.

It was explained during the reception that Schlesinger was selected for her work in teaching precepts for the interdisciplinary course “Environmental Geochemistry: Chemistry of the Natural Systems.”  Her adviser, Satish Myneni, professor of geosciences, provided a statement for the event: “Schlesinger can explain the most difficult concepts in chemistry in the simplest ways so students can follow the course content well.  Not only non-chemistry majors appreciated her help, but also the chemistry majors for in-depth discussions.” 

The Department would like to congratulate Danielle Schlesinger at her time of prodigious recognition. We wish her the best in her future teaching career.

(Top to bottom, left to right) Event program, Danielle with undergraduates Sisi Peng and Sarah Wang (CBS '18), Danielle holding her award, the eight award recipients (listed in full article), talking with Sarah Wang (CBS '18) at the reception, a very happy Danielle, and watching Dean Leslie discuss Danielle’s achievements.