Geological Data Fusion Workshop: Tackling the Statistical Challenges of Interpreting Past Environmental Change

Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012

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An interdisciplinary workshop held at
Rutgers University

Thursday-Friday,  January 17-18, 2013

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The geological records of ancient environmental change provide crucial archives for testing models of Earth system behavior, including those used to project ongoing andfuture global change.  Yet the archives pose many statistical challenges. The data sources are noisy, diverse, and full ofgaps. The locations and ages of observations are controlledin part by natural processes.  Indeed, the ages of observations are themselves known only through noisy and diversemeasurement techniques.  This workshop will focus onstatistical approaches to overcoming these challengesand making inferences about the Earth's past environments, bringing together Earth scientists, statisticians, applied mathematicians, and computer scientists to address these issues.

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Workshop Themes:

Paleo-temperature & inference about climate sensitivity
Speakers: Martin Tingley, Julia Hargreaves,Gavin Schmidt, Bala Rajaratnam & Nathan Urban

Paleo-sea level & inference about ice sheet stability
Speakers: Ben Horton, Bob Kopp,Patrick Applegate, Gary Mitchum & Vivien Gornitz

Paleo-climate and paleo-ecological inference
Speakers: Chris Paciorek, Jessica Tierney, Kevin Anchukaitis & Mike Dietze

Paleo-environmental reconstructions & the sedimentary record
Speakers: Shanan Peters, Rina Schumer &Jane Willenbring

Spectral analysis & the identification of climatic pacemakers
Speakers: David Thomson, Linda Hinnov,Jeffrey Park & Stephen Meyers