Hom Nath Gharti awarded 2nd prize in PICSciE PIXI17 Scientific Visualization Challenge

Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017

This video authored by Geosciences Associate Research Scholar Hom Nath Gharti was awarded 2nd prize in the PICSciE PIXI17 Scientific Visualization Challenge on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.  The purpose of this event was to challenge participants to communicate scientific data in a visually compelling way.  Congratulations to Dr. Gharti for winning this unique and creative competition.

Video Description: This video shows an interaction of a wavefront generated by a microearthquake with the complicated structure of the orebody and mined-out voids in an underground mine, Pyhaesalmi mine in Finland, one of the deepest mine in Europe.  The voids represent low-velocity zones and are obstacles to the wavefront.  In the video, the left panel shows the wavefront and mine structure.  The right panel shows the wavefront alone for clarity.  The red dot represents the microearthquake location.  Initially, the wavefront propagates undisturbed. The wavefront is severely distorted as it hits the obstacles.  It traverses slowly and goes around the obstacles.  It gradually heals afterwards and advances.  Ironically, this beautiful phenomenon conveys a powerful message too.  We all face many obstacles in life.  We must find a way around or must overcome the obstacles.  We get wounded and our belief distorted, but we must heal ourselves and move forward!