PUGS' Hollywood Science Gone Bad: A Great Night For Science and Humor

Friday, Dec 7, 2012

"The CORE" movie posterAccording to PUGS, the Princeton Undergraduate Geosciences Society, the Friday night (Nov. 29) screening of the 2003 disaster film, “The Core,” turned out to be a great night for science and humor combined. PUGS is considering this year's event to be more successful than last year, based on the fact that specifically more undergraduates turned out to experience the fun. Debunking the bad science portrayed in Hollywood blockbusters for the enjoyment and edification of the broader campus community is the main goal of PUGS's "Hollywood Science Gone Bad" movie screening series. This the second screening of the series. Last year, the organization screened the 2004 blockbuster, "The Day after Tomorrow."

Approximately 75 people attended, with undergraduates, graduate students and community members represented.

Prof. Jeroen Tromp, this year's speaker, was a wonderful speaker! He introduced the movie with a few geology-related jokes which appealed to the non-scientists in the audience as well. In his ending conclusion, Jeroen explained to the audience the what the true Earth interior looks like, how we know the facts about it, and where “The Core” directors went wrong. The audience asked many valuable questions in the after-event Q&A session and enjoyed having some fun with science and Jeroen's expertise. In all, it was once again, a very successful movie night.  The event was sponsored by the Department of Geosciences and the USG Projects Board.