Research on erratic climate relied upon as expert commentary

Dec. 13, 2011

Claudie Beaulieu

Over the weekend, research fellow Claudie Beaulieu (AOS), was interviewed on Canada's national public broadcaster Radio-Canada “Les années lumières” weekly scientific radio show. Using the recent Durban conference on climate and Canada’s “none” renewal in the Kyoto Protocol as a backdrop, the discussion focuses on its resulted analyst and what that meant not only for Canadians, but for the planet. Several high-profiled scientists from around the globe were interviewed. Commentator Yanick Villedieu interviewed Beaulieu based on her and Professor David Medvigy’s recent report on erratic climate change recently published in the Journal of Climate. Their study investigates the possibility of changes in solar radiation and rainfall variances during the past few decades.


Listen online at:
You can hear Claudie Beaulieu's commentary starting at 13:00 minutes within the interview.
(The entire interview is in French)