Traditional "Class Seniors By The Globe" Photograph

Monday, May 24, 2021
by The Department of Geosciences

The department could not let the year go by without a traditional photograph of "class seniors by the globe" with academic coordinator Sheryl Robas. This image was presented by Bess Ward on Friday afternoon during our 2021 Reunion. Congratulations to all once again.

Geosciences Class of 2021 -  Top row: Emma McMahon, Sheryl Robas, Margaret Lynch, and Diana Chao. Middle row: Grace Kortum. Wesley Wiggins, Amy Amatya, Stacey Edmonsond and Nina Grant. Bottom row: Casey Conrad, Ona Underwood, Tyrone Zhang, William Ueberroth and Levy Nathan. Photo editor: Danielle Schmitt

Traditional Seniors and Sheryl Robas class photo by the globe.