Global Warming: What’s so Special about this Time?

Jan. 5, 2024
Group observing instrumentation in the lab
Prof. Sigman and participating teachers observe instrumentation during the program.

On January 5, 2023 sixteen teachers (ranging from Kindergarten through High School) attended a full day Teachers as Scholars workshop on climate change. This event was developed and implemented by Professor Daniel Sigman and Lab Manager Danielle Schmitt; it was offered through Princeton’s Program in Teacher Preparation.

Through a combination of hands on investigations, lectures, and group discussions the participants learned about the fundamentals of what sets climate, how we know what climate was like in the past, causes and impacts of and projections for present global warming, as well as differences between the change in climate we are presently experiencing and ones Earth experienced in the past.

Written by Danielle Schmitt, Academic Lab Manager

View from back of the laboratory
Participating teachers are giving the opportunity to ask questions related to their experiments.