Elizabeth Niespolo

Assistant Professor of Geosciences
The Niespolo Research Group
Geochemistry, Geology, Paleoclimate
Office Phone
218 Guyot Hall

Title: Assistant Professor of Geosciences

Position: Faculty, Department of Geosciences

Group: The Niespolo Laboratory

Area(s): Geochemistry, Geology, Paleoclimate

Research Summary:  I combine field work with applications in isotope geochemistry to anchor climatic, fossil, and archaeological records to precise timescales and in relation to environmental changes. The “tool kit” of my group emphasizes radioisotopic dating, with additional activities in light stable isotope geochemistry, petrology, field geology, and archaeological excavation. One research focus addresses outstanding questions on the timing and tempo of human evolution, the development of modern human behaviors, and the timing of global-scale human colonization. Other research foci include using petrology and isotopes to understand crustal processes, development of new isotopic applications, and in situ measurements to investigate geochemical heterogeneity in natural materials. I am setting up a laser ablation ICP-MS and U-series geochronology laboratory at Princeton.

Keywords: Geochronology, Quaternary Science, Paleoclimate & Paleoecology, Human Evolution