Eunah Han

Graduate Student
Zhang Research Laboratory
Email Address:
Office Location: 
M48 Guyot Hall

Title: Graduate Student

Group: Zhang Research Laboratory

Area(s): Geochemistry, Microbiology, Biogeochemistry

Research Summary: Eunah Han is interested in how cell physiology and biochemistry influence stable nitrogen isotope fractionation during biological nitrogen fixation.  She aims to elucidate how and why isotopic fractionations of nitrogenase isozymes vary.  Currently, she is studying how alterations in the composition and structure of amino acids affect the fractionation of Azotobacter vinelandii mutants. Before joining the Zhang lab, she was at the Postech and GIST in South Korea where she studied marine systems including macrofaunal food web structures, sinking flux of organic matter, and bivalve energy budget.

Keywords: nitrogen fixation, stable isotope, microbiology, biogeochemistry