Jie Deng, Assistant Professor of Geosciences

Research Summary:  Jie Deng received his Ph.D. in geophysics from Yale University in 2019. Jie uses atomistic simulations, machine learning, and laboratory experiments to study material properties and key processes underlying the formation and evolution of planetary bodies, including phase transitions, element partitioning, and isotope fractionation. His recent work combines machine learning, and ab initio molecular dynamics to model the melting and crystallization processes of bridgmanite, with application to the magma ocean process and early evolution of terrestrial planets.

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Jie Deng
Assistant Professor of Geosciences

Research Topics:  Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Geosciences at The Department of Geosciences, Princeton University. I am searching for motivated students and postdocs to join my group. My research topics are:

  • Melting of mantle minerals
  • Water in the mantle
  • Evolution of early Solar System
  • Mantle rheology
  • Seismic anisotropy

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