Gerta Keller

Professor of Geosciences
Gerta Keller Research Team & Collaborators
Geology, Paleoclimate
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308 Guyot Hall

Title: Professor of Geosciences

Position: Faculty, Department of Geosciences

Group: Gerta Keller Research Team & Collaborators

Area(s): Geology, Paleoclimate

Research Summary:  Gerta Keller is Professor of Paleontology and Geology in the Geosciences Department of Princeton University since 1984. She was born in Schaan, Liechtenstein and grew up in Switzerland.  She is a citizen of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the United States of America. She received a B.S. degree from San Francisco State University in 1973 and a Ph.D. degree from Stanford University in 1978. Since 1984 she has been Professor of Geosciences at Princeton University.