Julia K. Wilcots

Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow
The Maloof Research Group
Geology, Paleoclimate

Title: Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Group: The Maloof Research Group

Area(s): Geology

Research Summary: After getting my Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton in 2016, I am back — this time in the Department of Geosciences. I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science at MIT (summer 2022) after writing a thesis exploring the “dolomite problem” from multiple angles and with a focus on Neoproterozoic dolomites. My postdoctoral research is still centered on these ancient carbonates; in the Maloof group I will work on quantifying the stratigraphy of the first Neoproterozoic carbon isotope excursion, the Bitter Springs.