Julia T. Carroll

Research Specialist I
Ward Research Laboratory
Email Address: 
Office Location: 
159 Guyot Hall

Title: Research Specialist I

Group: Ward Research Laboratory

Area(s): Geochemistry

Research Summary:  Cyanobacteria, including the ubiquitous species Synechococcus, play an essential role in the ocean’s primary productivity.  Current methods for determining microbial growth rate require time-intensive experiments in the laboratory and are difficult to utilize in the natural environment. Consequently, my research focuses on applying a novel genome-based method for calculating growth rate (iRep or index of replication) on synchronous cultures of Synechococcus cells. Skills involved in this work include: cell culturing, gel electrophoresis, fluorometry, flow cytometry (FCM), and DNA extraction & analysis.

Keywords: biological oceanography, microbiology, cyanobacteria