Olivia M. Kracht

Graduate Student
The Niespolo Laboratory
Geochemistry, Geology, Paleoclimate

Title: Graduate Student

Group: The Niespolo Laboratory

Area(s): Geochemistry, Geology, Paleoclimate

Research Summary: My baccalaureate degrees and subsequent research in geology and anthropology from the University of Florida (UF) heavily focused on the geochronology of Mochena Borago Rockshelter in SW Ethiopia. I took a gap year to continue geochronology research and soil science as a Scientific Researcher at UF. My main research at Princeton will focus on the U-series geochronology and geochemistry of carbonates like ostrich eggshells at sites focused on the study of human evolution in Eastern Africa in order to provide valuable age constraints to sites of hominin occupation, understand the geology of the region, and provide environmental reconstructions of the region.

Keywords: geochronology, human evolution, paleoclimate, geochemistry