Samantha G. Fortin

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ward Research Laboratory
Email Address:
Office Location: 
157 Guyot Hall

Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Position: Research Staff

Group: Ward Research Group

Area(s): Geochemistry

Research Summary:  My research is focused on determining the relationships between microbial organisms and biogeochemical cycling, with a focus on the nitrogen cycle, in marine systems. I use various techniques to determine how microbial communities vary across space and time and in response to different environmental variables, examining community structure, diversity, and the potential of the microbes to perform biogeochemical processes. By linking the variations in microbial communities to changes in environmental characteristics and nitrogen cycle process rates, I can investigate which organisms are responsible for important nitrogen cycling processes and how their abundance and activity changes depending on environmental factors.

Keywords: microbial ecology, biogeochemistry