Weiyi Tang

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ward Research Laboratory
Email Address: 
Office Location: 
157 Guyot Hall

Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Position: Research Staff

Group: Ward Research Laboratory

Area(s): Geochemistry

Research Summary: Weiyi Tang is interested in how nitrogen is supplied, transformed, and removed in the global ocean and how marine nitrogen cycle is connected to the carbon cycle and Earth’s climate. During his PhD, Weiyi developed and applied high-resolution observing methods, molecular techniques and machine learning algorithms to explore marine nitrogen fixation and its impact on marine productivity in the world’s ocean. Joining the Ward research group, Weiyi will study the broad nitrogen biogeochemical pathways in addition to nitrogen fixation (e.g. nitrification, denitrification, anammox).

Keywords: nitrification, denitrification, anammox