Xianhui (Sean) Wan

Associate Research Scholar
The Ward Research Laboratory
Cell Phone
157 Guyot Hall

Title: Associate Research Scholar

Position: Research Staff

Group: The Ward Research Laboratory

Area(s): Geochemistry

Research Summary:  My research focuses on the marine nitrogen and carbon cycles, particularly in microbe-phytoplankton interactions and nitrous oxide (N2O) production in different marine systems (from the eutrophic coastal zone to the oligotrophic open ocean). To disentangle complex C & N dynamics, I take advantage of multiple C, N and O stable isotope approaches (including both natural abundance and isotope labelling technique) to examine rates of C and N transformations. Main target of my research is to better understand the role of the ocean in regulating atmospheric CO2 and N2O during the intimate coupling of C & N cycles and how these processes respond to anthropogenic forcing and natural variabilities.

Keywords: stable isotope, nitrogen cycle, nitrous oxide