Yongji Wang

Postdoctoral Research Associate
The Lai Research Group
Climate Science, Geophysics
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Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Position: Research Staff

Group: The Lai Research Group

Area(s): Climate Science, Geophysics

Research summary: My research interests lie in continuum mechanics, complex fluids, computer vision techniques and environmental sciences. I have rich experience in developing experimental approaches and computer vision techniques for quantifying complex physical systems in nature, and a solid base of knowledge in continuum mechanics and applied mathematics to develop theoretical models for rationalizing natural phenomena. I received my Ph.D. from MIT, focusing on studying unsteady fragmentation, motivated by its application in disease transmission. At Princeton, I am working with Professor Lai to elucidate the fundamental physics that governs ice-shelf fracturing in response to global warming and its contribution to sea-level rise.​

Keywords: Ice fracturing; continuum mechanics; computer vision;