Yue (Olivia) Meng

Postdoctoral Research Associate
The Lai Research Group
Climate Science
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417 Guyot Hall

Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Group: The Lai Research Group

Area(s): Climate Science

Research Summary:  Yue (Olivia) Meng’s research interests lie in multiphase flow in porous media, granular mechanics, energy and environmental sciences. She combines continuum theory, discrete element modeling and novel experimental technique (photoporomechanics) to study the fundamental mechanics involving solid-fluid coupling. She received her master’s and Ph.D. (2022) degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from MIT, supervised by Professor Ruben Juanes. She is currently studying the granular physics of sea ice, its impact on icebergs calving and response to global warming.

Outside academics, she is a weekend warrior for triathlon races, targeting to qualify for Ironman703 World Championship before 2025.