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Name: Abigail Baskind
Adviser: Graeme MacGilchrist, Daniel Sigman
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: The Role of Source Water Carbonate Chemistry in Setting Outgassing in The Southern Ocean in CHIP6 Models

Name: Galen Cadley
Adviser: Bess Ward
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Distribution and Environmental Preferences of Nitrite Oxidizing Bacteria in the ETNP

Name: Samuel Cryan
Adviser: Bess Ward
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Presence and Abundance of SAR11-Nar Genes in Oxygen Minimum Zones

Name: Jakob Kintzele
Adviser: Allan Rubin
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Fracture Transport of Ocean Water in Europa’s Cooling Ice

Name: Isabel Koran
Senior Thesis: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Specialization: Iron Oxide-apatite Mineralization in the New Jersey Highlands: Apatite as Coupled Geochronometer and Petrogenetic Indicator

Name: Hanna Szabo
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Potassium Fractionation Across Oscillatory Zoning in a K-spar Megacryst, Tuolumne Intrusive Complex CA

Name: Yuri Tamama
Adviser: Frederik Simons
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Tectonics and Seismicity of the Tajik Basin


Name: Amatya, Amy
Email: amyamatya@gmail.com
Adviser: Frederik Simons
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis:  Receiver Function Analysis of the Mantle Transition Zone Beneath Cape Verde
Last known location: High Meadows Fellow at Climate Central (LinkedIn)

Name: Chao, Diana
Email: dianachao16@gmail.com
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis:  Modeling Past and Future Extreme Weather Correlations across North America
Last known location: Natural Hazards Analyst (Website)

Name: Conrad, Casey
Email: caseyhconrad@gmail.com
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer
Specialization: Environmental Science
Senior Thesis:  Bowling Green as the Achilles Heel: An Updated Analysis of New York City's Subway System in Response to Predicted Sea Level Rise
Last known location: Master of Science Student at University of California, Santa Barbara, CA (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Geochemistry

Name: Edmonsond, Stacey
Email: staceye@alumni.princeton.edu
Adviser: Adam Maloof
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis:  Were shallow carbonate geochemistry and production different during the last interglacial period?
Last known location: Ph.D. student, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria,  British Columbia, CA (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Paleoclimate, Geochemistry

Name: Grant, Nina
Email: nlgrant@alumni.princeton.edu
Adviser: Gabriel Vecchi
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis:  Effects of Solar GeoEngineering on Indian Monsoon Precipitation Patterns
Last known location: Atmospheric Science Ph.D. Student, Rutgers University, NJ
Keywords: Geoengineering

Name: Kortum, Grace
Email: gracekortum@gmail.com
Adviser: Gabriel Vecchi
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis:  On Weather as a Driver of Multidecadal Shifts in the Distribution of Tropical Cyclone Tracks
Last known location:  Energy Research Analyst, The Brattle Group, New Haven, CT (LinkedIn)

Name: Lynch, Margaret
Adviser: Daniel Sigman
Specialization: Geochemistry, Paleoclimate
Senior Thesis:  Glacial/Interglacial Changes in Diatom-Bound δ15N in the Atlantic Sector of the Antarctic Zone

Name: McMahon, Emma
Adviser: Gabriel Vecchi
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis:  The Response of the Urban Heat Island to El Niño-Southern Oscillation

Name: Nathan, Levy
Email: levyinathan@gmail.com
Adviser: Bess Ward
Specialization: Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies
Senior Thesis:  A dive into the Chesapeake Bay: an investigation of the parameters shaping nitrous oxide distribution
Last known location: Research Assistant at Rockefeller University, New York, NY (LinkedIn)

Name: Ueberroth, William
Adviser: Bess Ward
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis:  Environmental Controls on N2O Concentration and Emissions in Global Estuaries

Name: Underwood, Ona
Adviser: Daniel Sigman
Specialization: Geochemistry, Paleoclimate
Senior Thesis:  Tracing Southern Ocean Nitrate Consumption from Nitrogen Isotopes in Foraminifera Over the Past 1.5 Million Years

Name: Wiggins, John (Wesley)
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis:  Sea-Level Rise on the Eastern Shore of Maryland: Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Environmental Justice 

Name: Zhang, Tyrone
Adviser: Frederik J. Simons
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis:  Evaluating Forecasting Methods for Precipitation using Weather Data collected on top of Guyot Hall



Name: Bartusek, Samuel
Email: sbartusek2@gmail.com
Adviser: Stephan Fueglistaler, Gabriel Vecchi
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis:  Turbulent influence on the Tropical Tropopause Layer: global convection-resolving model study
Last known location: Ph.D. student, Columbia University, New York, NY  (LinkedIn)

Name: Copeland, Charles
Email: chazcopelandg@gmail.com
Adviser: Amilcare Porporato, Satish C. Myneni
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis:  Dynamics of Coupled Soil Moisture and Plant Capacitance Systems from Daily to Interannual Scales
Last known location: Research Assistant at Salk Institute for Biological Studies (Harnessing Plants Initiative, Plant Phenotyping Team), La Jolla, CA (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Environmental Sciences, Ecohydrology

Name: Cox, Alex (CEE)
Email: cox.alex@outlook.com
Adviser: Adam Maloof
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis:  Environmental Controls on the Lateral Distribution of Stromatolites
Last known location: Master's of Sciences, MS, Earth Sciences, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH  (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering

Name: Hagge, Perrin
Email: perrin.hagge@gmail.com
Adviser: John A. Higgins
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Ca and Mg Fractionation in C3 and C4 Grasses and Their Implications For Reconstructing Paleo Diets and Serving as Biosignatures

Name: O'Connor, Liam
Email: liamgearhead@gmail.com
Adviser: Blair Schoene, Gerta Keller
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis:  Pinpointing the provenance of Deccan zircons
Last known location: (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Geochronology, Paleoclimate

Name: Rusley, Calvin
Adviser: Xinning Zhang
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Effect of Fe Addition and Oxygen Exposure on Methane Release from Temperate Wetland Soil
Last known location: Graduate Student, Caltech, Pasadena, CA

Name: Wallace, Elizabeth
Email: elizabethwallace97@gmail.com
Adviser: Bess Ward
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Retention and loss of fixed nitrogen in a Pacific oxygen minimum zone

Name: Zielinski, Laurie
Email: laz.zielinski@gmail.com
Adviser: Thomas S. Duffy
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis:  Evaluation of a Portable Sequentially Shifted Excitation Raman Spectrometer for Applications in Art and Archaeology
Last known location: Geophysicist at USGS

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Name: Ash, Elijah
Email: elijah.ash1@gmail.com
Adviser: Jessica C. E. Irving
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Journey to the Not-So-Center of the Earth: Possible Seismic Velocity Anomaly in the Outer-Core Tangent Cylinder
Last known location: Continuing education

Name: Burdick, Jack R. M.
Email: jrmburdick@gmail.com
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer, Gabriel Vecchi
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Attribution of U.S. Economic Losses Due to Tropical Cyclones
Last known location: Analyst, Neuberger Berman Insurance-Linked Strategies, New York, NY (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Climate Change Attribution, Natural Disasters

Name: Del Castillo, Enrique M.
Email: quique0099@gmail.com
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: A Numerical and Field-Data Evaluation of the Critical Taper Model for Orogenic Wedge Stability
Last known location: Continuing education

Name: Duffey, Kyle
Email: kduffey2215@gmail.com
Adviser: Thomas S. Duffy
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Raman Spectroscopy of Near-Endmember Tourmalines Dravite and Magnesio-Foitite to 24 GPa
Last known location: Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School, Baltimore, MD

Name: DuRussel, Katie L.
Email: katiedurussel@gmail.com
Adviser: Bess B. Ward
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Estimating Rates of Anaerobic Nitrite Oxidation in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone Through Incubation Experiments

Name: Eyster, Artemis M.
Email: artemiseyster@gmail.com
Adviser: Gabriel Vecchi
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Lianas, Arrested Succession, and Decreased Carbon Storage: Examining the Links Between Topography, Liana Density, and the Persistence of Low-Canopy Areas
Last known location: Community Science Program Assistant, Mountain Studies Institute, Silverton, CO (LinkedIn)

Name: Fan, Angel S.
Email: kikki.fan@gmail.com
Adviser: Jeroen Trump
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: The Effect of Geometries in Curved-Crease Origami Patterned Surfaces on the Acoustics of Spaces
Last known location: Continuing education, Animation and Video Game Development

Name: Getraer, Alec
Email: agetraer@gmail.com
Adviser: Adam C. Maloof
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Tributary Slopes Record Regional Climate and Constrain Branching Angles in U.S. River Networks
Last known location: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist at U.S. Forest Service (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Geomorphology, Ecology

Name: Getraer, Benjamin
Email: benjamingetraer@gmail.com
Adviser: Laure Resplandy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Comparison of GRACE Derived Greenland Mass Wasting To Near Surface Temperature from MERRA-2 Reanalysis
Last known location: Wilderness conservationist, Westport, CT (LinkedIn)

Name: Geyman, Emily C.
Email: emily.geyman1@gmail.com
Adviser: Adam C. Maloof
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: How Do Shallow Carbonates Record Sea Level and Seawater Chemistry?
Last known location: M.S. student at Universitet i Tromsø, Norske Polarinstitut in Tromsø and The University Centre in Svalbard, in Longyearbyen, Norway

Name: Martin, Jake
Email: jakemartin712@gmail.com
Adviser: Laure Resplandy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: An Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) of Extreme Sea-Level (ESL) Events in Hawaii to Evaluate the Hawaii Sea-Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Report

Name: Peng, SiSi (LiQian)
Email: liqianp@gmail.com
Adviser: Satish C. Myneni
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Environmental Factors Influencing the Formation of Organobromines in Coastal Soils

Name: Peterson, Kimberly A.
Email: kipeterson1501@gmail.com
Adviser: Stephan A. Fueglistaler
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Contributions of Overshooting Convection Over the South Asian Monsoon Region to Stratospheric Water Vapor
Last known location: Senior Associate, Renewables Consulting Group, Scientific and Technical Consulting, New York, NJ (LinkedIn)
Keyword: Environmental Studies

Name: Tralie, James W.
Email: james.tralie@gmail.com
Adviser: Jessica C. E. Irving
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Seismological Analysis of the Mohorovičić and Mantle Discontinuities Below Cape Verde Using Receiver Functions
Last known location: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Aerospace

Name: Walsh, Keeley M.
Email: keelswalshy@gmail.com
Adviser: Laure Resplandy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Primary Productivity in the Gulf of Alaska in a HighResolution Global Climate Model

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Name: Martocello, Donald
Email: donaldem@mit.edu
Adviser: François M. M. Morel
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: H-Aquil: A Chemically Defined Cell Culture Medium for Trace Metal Studies in Vibrios and Other Marine Heterotrophic Bacteria 
Last known location: Graduate Studies, MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Chemical Oceanography

Name: McCabe, Erin A.
Adviser: Laure Resplandy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Mesoscale Processes' Effects on Spatial and Temporal Variability in the Ocean's Biological Carbon Pump
Last known location: Contractor at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), New York, NY (Linkedin)

Name: McKenna, Shayne P.
Adviser: Thomas S. Duffy
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: An Analysis of In Situ X-Ray Diffraction of SiO2 Under Shock Compression
Last known location: Barnstable/Yarmouth, MA (LinkedIn)

Name: Murray, Joshua
Email: joshuamurray1995@gmail.com 
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: A Deterministic Approach to Geochemical Stratigraphy 
Last known location: Graduate Studies, MIT, Cambridge, MA
Keywords: Computer Science, Probability

Name: Ogilby, Henry M.
Adviser: Bess B. Ward
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: The Role of Encapsulin Nanocompartments in Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation 
Last known location: Global Data Operations Associate at Flexport, San Francisco, CA (LinkedIn)

Name: Rinaldi, Nicole E.
Adviser: Daniel M. Sigman
Specialization: Geochemistry, Paleoclimate
Senior Thesis: A Ground-Truthing Study of the Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Enamel Bound Organic Matter in Modern Bison Teeth
Last known location: Graduate Studies, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (LinkedIn)

Name: Tandy, Hannah T.
Email: htandy1234@g.ucla.edu
Adviser: Gerta Keller
Specialization: Paleoclimate
Senior Thesis: Evaluating Carbon and Climate Sensitivities of the NOAA/GFDL Earth System Model ESM2Mb to Forcing Perturbations during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum  
Last known location: Graduate Student in Geochemistry at UCLA  (Website)
Keywords: Geochemistry, Oceanography

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Name: Bechler, Scott M.
Email: smbechler@gmail.com
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer
Specialization: Climate Science (AOS)
Senior Thesis: Exploring the Relationships Between Marine Cloud Brightening, the Walker Circulation, and Boreal Summer Asian Monsoon Precipitation 
Last known location: Master’s student at Duke’s Nicholas School  (LinkedIn)

Name: Begland, Katherine (Kate) M.
Email: klb@rice.edu
Adviser: Jessica C. E. Irving
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Weak Inner Core Anisotropy Along Polar Paths Under the Western Pacific Ocean
Last known location: Graduate Studies at Rice University., Department of Earth Studies, Houston, TX (Website)

Name: Hulpach, Kenny M.
Adviser: Thomas S. Duffy
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Interior Structure of Jupiter's Satellite Io Based On Thermal Equation of State Data 

Name: Ivanovich, Catherine (Casey)
Email: caseyivanovich@hotmail.com
Adviser: Satish C. Myneni
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Uncovering the Sources of Elevated Arsenic in Classic Maya Human Remains: Implications from Antiquity to Modernity 
Last known location: Ph.D. Student at Columbia University, New York, NY (LinkedIn)
Keyword: Geochemistry

Name: Kaiser, Christianese S.
Adviser: Tullis C. Onstott
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Estimating Atmospheric Methane Emission by Mineral Cryosols in the Arctic Region using the Explicit High Affinity Methanotroph (XHAM) Model 
Last known location: Taking a year off

Name: Mandelbaum, Sydney A.
Adviser: Stephan A. Fueglistaler
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Potential Sources of Hemispheric Energetic Asymmetry
Last known location: Data Analytics Assistant at Creative Artists Agency (LinkedIn)

Name: Santi, Lauren M.
Email: lsanti215@gmail.com
Adviser: John A. Higgins
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: A Calcium and Strontium Analysis of Shark Teeth to Constrain Past Ocean Chemistry 
Last known location: Geochemist at GSI Environmental Inc., Irvine, CA (LinkedIn)

Name: Suriano, Jana M.
Adviser: Tullis C. Onstott
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Survival and metabolism of Methanosarcina soligelidi under simulated Martian subsurface conditions 
Last known location: Cuba Sustainable Ecosystems Fellow, EDF, Raleigh, NC

Name: Swadba, Kellie E.
Adviser: Thomas S. Duffy
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Wave Profile Analysis of the Behavior of SiO 2 under Shock Compression
Last known location: Graduate Student at University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (LinkedIn)

Name: Tasistro-Hart, Adrian
Adviser: Adam C. Maloof
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Astronomically Forced Hydrology of the Late Cretaceous Sub-Tropical Potosí Basin 
Last known location: Ph.D. Student at University of California, Santa Barbara, CA (Website)

Name: Van Brummen, Anna C.
Email: anna.vanbrummen@gmail.com
Adviser: Frederik J. Simons
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Calibration and Noise Characterization of a Newly Installed Seismometer at Princeton University 
Last known location: Technical Sales Associate, Electro Optical Industries, Inc  (LinkedIn)

Name: Van Cleve, William S.
Email: will.van.cleve@gmail.com 
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Modeling the relationship between climate and conflict: Nigerian intergroup conflict, Boko Haram violence and the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Last known location: Manager at 8minute Solar Energy, Los Angeles, CA (LinkedIn)

Name: Yao, Vivian M.
Email: viviany1213@gmail.com​​​​​​​
Adviser: Daniel M. Sigman
Specialization: Climate Science (AOS)
Senior Thesis: Stable Isotopic Signatures in Symbiotic Bermudian Corals: A study of nutrient and light variability on δ15N in Porites astreoides at Bermuda
Last known location: Doctor of Optometry, Atlanta, GA  (LinkedIn)

Name: Yi, Young (Paul) R.
Email: yryi@alumni.princeton.edu
Adviser: Sonya A. Legg
Specialization: Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
Senior Thesis: Numerical Investigation of the Dependence of Tidal Mixing by Wave—Wave Interactions on Topographic and Flow Parameters
Last known location: Graduate Studies at Stanford University, Dept. Civil & Environmental Engineering, Program in Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology, Stanford, CA

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Name: Barker, Ryan T.
Email: rtibarker@gmail.com
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: U-PB TIMS-TEA Geochronology and a New Chronostratigraphy for the Cañadón Asfalto Basin, Central Patagonia
Last known location: Research Analyst at Hammond Hanlon Camp LLC, New York, NY (LinkedIn)

Name: Beveridge, Alyson K.
Adviser: Frederik J. Simons
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Measuring the Changing Mass of Glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau Using Time-Variable Gravity from the Grace Mission
Last known location: Princeton in Asia (Fellowship) / Impact Intern @ Planet, San Francisco, CA

Name: Campbell, Ethan C.
Email: ethanchenbell@gmail.com
Adviser: Daniel M. Sigman
Specialization: Climate Sciences
Senior Thesis: Where Three Oceans Meet: Nitrate Isotope Measurements from the South Atlantic Along 34.5°S
Last known location: Ph.D. student, University of Washington, School of Oceanography, Seattle, WA (Website)
Keywords: Oceanography, Geochemistry

Name: Campion, Alison M.
Adviser: Adam C. Maloof
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Constraining the Timing and Amplitude of Proposed Glacioeustasy During the Late Paleozoic Ice Age with a Continuous Carbonate Record in Spain
Last known location: Research Associate and Data Scientist, Hanover, NH (LinkedIn)

Name: Christian, Shanna L.
Adviser: Michael Celia
Specialization: Geology, (CEE)
Senior Thesis: Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells in Pennsylvania: Well Attributes and Effective Permeability
Last known location: Operations Planning Analyst at Caerus Oil and Gas LLC, Denver, CO (LinkedIn)

Name: Dessy, Jay B.
Email: jbdessy@gmail.com
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Towards Quantifying the Risk of Compound Heat Wave Events: Projections of Frequency and Severity
Last known location: Strategy & Analytics Analyst at Deloitte Consulting, Washington DC (LinkedIn)

Name: Edwards, Collin R.
Email: collin.r.edwards@gmail.com
Adviser: Tullis C. Onstott
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Mining Metagenomic Data to Understand the Lifestyle of Atmospheric Methane Oxidizing Bacteria in Antarctic Surface Soil
Last known location: Radiology Resident, Columbia University, New York, NY

Name: Forden, Atleigh G.
Adviser: Bess B. Ward
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Reconstructing Fish Ecology from Otolith Geochemistry: Past and Present
Last known location: Associate at PDT Partners, Princeton, NJ (LinkedIn)

Name: Liu, Weber
Email: weberliu@alumni.princeton.edu
Adviser: Frederik J. Simons
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Analysis of Martian Topography via a Parameterized Spectral Approach
Last known location: Environmental Sciences, (Industry) New York, NY

Name: Lowy, Rebecca A.
Email: ralowy@optonline.net
Adviser: Satish C. Myneni
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Arsenic Adsorption on Fe-oxides mixed with Mn-oxides: Potential of Fe-Mn Nanocrystalline Coated Calcite Grains for Filtration of Arsenic Contaminated Drinking Water
Last known location: Paralegal, Weitz & Luxenberg PC, New York, NY (LinkedIn)

Name: Myers, Sophia C.
Adviser: Bess B. Ward
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: An Inter-Trophic Examination of Nitrogen Isotopes In the North Atlantic
Last known location: Laboratory Technician, University of Washington, Seattle, WA (LinkedIn)

Name: O'Brien, Evan M.
Adviser: Jorge Sarmiento
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: A Multiple Stressor Model of Climate Change Effects on Growth and Survival of Larval Crassostrea gigas
Last known location: Laboratory Technician, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Name: Sarbanes, Anteneh A.
Adviser: Eric Wood
Specialization: Paleoclimate (CEE)
Senior Thesis: Long Term Drought Signature of Standardized Vegetation Index
Last known location: Data Analyst at D+R International, Baltimore MD (LinkedIn)

Name: Taneja, Anjali
Email: anjalitaneja94@gmail.com
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: An Examination of Climate Variability and International Migration in Sub-Saharan Africa
Last known location: Graduate Student, Data Science, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Chevy Chase, MD (LinkedIn)

Name: Vasques, Ethan M.
Email: ethanvasquez94@gmail.com
Adviser: Michael L. Bender
Specialization:  Climate Science
Senior Thesis: A Physiological Approach to Determining Ecosystem Productivity in the Arctic
Last known location: Enterprise Operations Analyst (YEXT), New York, NY (LinkedIn)

Name: West, Fiona M.
Email: fm.west673@gmail.com
Adviser: David Medvigy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: The Herbivory Cost of N2 Fixation and its Effect on the Abundance of Nitrogen Fixing Trees in a Tropical Forest
Last known location: GIS Developer at Blue Raster (LinkedIn)

Name: Zarakas, Claire M.
Email: claire.zarakas@gmail.com
Adviser: David Medvigy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Propagating Uncertainy from Plant Traits to Ecosystem Dynamics in a Dry Tropical Forest
Last known location: Climate Science Ph.D. Student/Research Assistant, University of Washington, Seattle, WA (Website)
Keywords: Biosphere-atmosphere Interactions, Carbon Cycle

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Name: Bolton, Eric D.
Email: eric.didier.bolton@gmail.com
Adviser: Paul Gauthier, David Medvigy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Parameterizing the Kok Effect: How Light Inhibition of Respiration Affects Ecosystem Carbon Budget Predictions
Last known location: Machine Learning Engineer, New York, New York  (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Computer Science, Journalism

Name: Bombieri, Leticia M.
Email: leticiabombieri18@gmail.com
Adviser: Tullis C. Onstott
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: The Importance of Volcanic Rocks and Thin Sediments on Thermal Gradient
Last known location: Associate at Cometa (Variv Capital), United Kingdom (LinkedIn)

Name: Cannon, Joan L.
Email: joancannon94@gmail.com
Adviser: Daniel M. Sigman
Specialization: Climate Science, Paleoclimate
Senior Thesis: Studying Past Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Using Mass Spectrometer Analysis of Foraminifera-Bound Organic Matter
Last known location: Marketing & Account Specialist at Heliolytics, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (LinkedIn)

Name: Cheung, Tiffany W.
Email: tiffanycheung.hi@gmail.com
Adviser: François M. M. Morel
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: A Mechanistic Study of CO2 Fixation in Marine Diatoms: Effects of Diel Cycling, Temperature and Light Intensity on Thalassiosira Weissflogii
Last known location: Environmental Litigation Associate, Baker Botts LLP, Washington, DC (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Environmental Studies, Geochemistry

Name: Kemeny, Preston C.
Email: pkemeny@caltech.edu
Adviser: Daniel M. Sigman
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Seasonality in the Antarctic Ocean: Late Summer Nitrate Isotope Measurements from the Pacific Sector and a Seasonal Model of the Upper Water Column
Last known location: Graduate Studies, Caltech, Pasadena, CA

Name: Klee, Trevor D.
Email: klevertree@gmail.com
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Calculating Mass Balance Per Degree for the Aleutian Crust Using a Novel Method
Last known location: CEO at Trevor Klee, Tutor, Cambridge, MA

Name: McIntee, Sean P.
Email: sean.mcintee@pwc.com
Adviser: Daniel M. Sigman
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: The Concentration and Isotopic Composition of Nitrate in the Water Column Along a Cross-Basin Transect of the North Atlantic Ocean
Last known location: Associate Healthcare Services, Strategy & part of the PwC network, New York, NY

Name: Park, Yuem
Email: yuempark@gmail.com
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Constraining Deformation in the Skymo Lake Area of the North Cascades, WA: Implications for the Rapid Exhumation of Arc Middle Crust Along Strike-Slip Fault Systems
Last known location: Data & Earth Scientist, CA (Website)

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Name: Beale, Andrea M.
Adviser: John A. Higgins
Specialization: Paleoclimate
Senior Thesis: Fluid Inclusions in Marine Halite as a Window into the MG Isotopic Composition of Past Oceans
Last known location: Data Engineer at Facebook, San Francisco, CA  (LinkedIn

Name: Bluher, Sarah E.
Email: seb368@cornell.edu
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: An Integrated ChemoStratigraphic Approach to Understanding the Siluro-Devonian Positive Carbon Isotope Excursion
Last known location: Social Science Research Analyst at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Baltimore, MD (LinkedIn)

Name: Ammouri (Conner), Charlotte E.
Adviser: Daniel M. Sigman
Specialization: Climate Science, Paleoclimate
Senior Thesis: Using 15N/14N in Diatom Fossils to Understand Changes in Surface Ocean Nutrient Dynamics 2.73 MA
Last known location: Private Equity Associate at KKR, Houston, TX (LinkedIn)

Name: Lewis, Lauren A.
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Using U-PB Geochronology to Constrain the Formation of a New Jersey Nelsonite 
Last known location: Graduate Student, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, New York, NY (Linkedin)

Name: Ryan, Kathleen McWilliams
Email: mcw.ryan@gmail.com
Adviser: Frederik J. Simons
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Precision and Accuracy of Global Positioning Augmentation Systems and their Application to Geoarchaeology   
Last known location: Graduate Student in Catholic Theology, Washington, DC

Name: Serota, Nathan D.
Email: ndserota@gmail.com
Adviser: Jorge Sarmiento
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Aerosols, Change Points, and the Evolving Land Carbon Sink    
Last known location: Renewable Investments at The D. E. Shaw Group (LinkedIn)

Name: Shepherd, Robert D.
Adviser: John A. Higgins
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Diagenesis in the Great Bahamas Bank: An Analysis of Mg Isotopes in the Sediment Cores from ODP Site 1003
Last known location: Mechanical Engineering Intern at Arconic, Columbus, OH (Linkedin)

Name: Southworth, Alan R.
Email: alan.southworth1@gmail.com
Adviser: David Medvigy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Updates to Leaf Respiration Parameterization: Assessing the Impact of Light Inhibition, Leaf Expansion, and a Warming Scenario for Carbon Budget Modeling
Last known location: Full Time MBA, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, CA (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Sustainable Energy, Environmental Studies

Name: Sutjiawan, Djohan M.
Adviser: Thomas S. Duffy
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: New Constraints on the size of Io's Core
Last known location: New York, NY

Name: Wang, Regina
Email: reginarwang@gmail.com
Adviser: David Medvigy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: A species-specific approach to predicting the timing of deciduous leaf emergence in the United States
Last known location: Associate at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, San Francisco, CA (Linkedin)

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Name: Budnick, Andrew S.
Adviser: David Medvigy, Adam Maloof
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Phosphorus Limitation and the Reduction of the Carbon Fertilization Effect in Tropical Ecosystems
Last known location: Senior Geoscientist, ExxonMobil, Spring, TX (LinkedIn)
Keyword: Public policy

Name: Burton, Nicholas M.
Email: nburton8813@gmail.com
Adviser: Tullis C. Onstott
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Temperature-Dependent Methanotrophy in High Arctic Permafrost: Implications for Global Warming
Last known location: Business Manager at Capital One, Small Business Card Acquisitions, McLean, VA

Name: Chen, Christine Y.
Email: ccy@mit.edu
Adviser: Adam C. Maloof
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Lake Bonneville's Tilted Shorelines Revisited: Implications for Late Pleistocene Climate
Last known location: O.K. Earl Postdoctoral Researcher, Division of Geological Sciences, Caltech, Pasadena, CA (LinkedIn)

Name: Eggers, Gabriel L.
Email: gleggers@alumni.princeton.edu
Adviser: Frederik J. Simons
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: A Regionalized Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of the Spatial Structure of Venusian Topography 
Last known location: Post-doctoral Fellow, Lunar and Planetary Institute/USRA, Houston, TX (LinkedIn)
Keyword: Planetary science, Volcanology

Name: Gronewold, Jeffrey D.
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: The Implications of Mafic Enclaves on Magmatic Differentiation and Pluton Emplacement: Geochronological and Geochemical Insights from the Bergell Intrusion, N. Italy
Last known location: Front End Developer at Workday, Boulder, CO (LinkedIn)

Name: Kanno, Cynthia M.
Email: cynthiakanno@gmail.com
Adviser: Satish C. Myneni
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: A Novel Apatite-Based Sorbent for Defluoridation: Synthesis and Sorption Characteristics of Nano-Micro Crystalline Apatite on Limestone
Last known location: Associate at McLane Environmental, LLC, Philadelphia, PA

Name: Mathabane, Nathan P.
Email: natethegreat120@gmail.com
Adviser: David Medvigy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: The Sensitivity of Western US Forest Carbon Budgets to Topography, Climate, and Disturbance Regimes
Last known location: Assistant Director Of Admissions at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Name: Rudnick, Lydia R.
Email: rudnick.lydia@gmail.com
Adviser: Jorge Sarmiento
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Predicting Potential Geographic Distribution of Siganus Luridus and Siganus Rivulatus, Two Invasive Fish Species in the Mediterranean Sea
Last known location: Program Manager, New Product Introduction at Impossible Foods, San Francisco, CA (LinkedIn)

Name: Shoenfelt Troein, Elizabeth M.
Email: ems2259@columbia.edu
Adviser: Satish C. Myneni
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: The Nature of Reactive Thiols on Bacterial Cell Envelopes and their Reactivity with Aqueous HG2+
Last known location: Fellow at Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Washington, District of Columbia (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Iron, Dust, Southern Ocean, Diatoms, Productivity

Name: Trost, Emily V.
Email: evtrost@gmail.com
Adviser: Gerta Keller
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: High-Stress Conditions in Early Paleocene Benthic Foraminifera: Evidence from NW Atlantic ODP Site 1050C
Last known location: Associate at Point72, Financial Services, New York, NY

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Name: Abrams (Park), Garnet A. 
Email: garnetabrams@gmail.com
Adviser: Stephan A. Fueglistaler
Specialization: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Senior Thesis: Distribution of Relative Humidity Observed by the VCSEL Hygrometer in the Tropical Troposphere, Interpreted Through Tracers
Last known location: Senior Consultant, Guidehouse, Greater Salt Lake City, UT (LinkedIn)

Name: Coyle, Owen L.
Email: owen.coyle.in.seattle@gmail.com
Adviser: Bess B. Ward, Jorge Sarmiento
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Examining Benthic Nitrogen Dynamics Using a Whole Core Squeezer
Last known location: Teacher of Computer Science, Science, and Math at the Thacher School, Ojai, WA (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Oceanography, Numerical Modeling

Name: Furchtgott, Jeremy B.
Email: jeremyfurchtgott@gmail.com
Adviser: David Medvigy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: What Caused the Abrupt Increase in Net Global Land Carbon Uptake in 1989?
Last known location: Director at Baron Public Affairs, LLC, Washington D.C.

Name: Gobel, Amy R.
Email: amy.gobel@gmail.com
Adviser: Daniel M. Sigman
Specialization: Climate Science, Paleoclimate
Senior Thesis: Isotopic Evidence for Source Changes in Aerosol Nitrate Deposition in the North Atlantic
Last known location: Johnson & Johnson Vision, Strategy & Deployment Analyst, Jacksonville, FL

Name: Moch, Jonathan M.
Email: jmoch14@gmail.com
Adviser: David Medvigy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Permafrost and Global Climate Change: Novel Models and Policy Implications
Last known location: Ph.D. Candidate at Harvard University, Graduate Research Fellow, Boston, MA
Keywords: Biogeochemsitry, Atmospheric Chemistry

Name: Nason, Sara L.
Email: nason2@wisc.edu
Adviser: Satish C. Myneni
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: The Effects of Elevated Soil CO2 on Plant Uptake of Metals
Last known location: Environmental Chemist, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD

Name: Nesbit, Jacquelyne N.
Email: jnesbit@gmail.com
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Calcite-Graphite Thermometry in the Southwestern most Central Metasedimentary Belt, Grenville Province, Southern Ontario
Last known location: Analyst, XM Value at Qualtrics, Provo, UT

Name: Shonts, Steven J.
Email: steven.shonts@gmail.com
Adviser: David M. Medvigy
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Constrained Parameterization of the Duel Arhennius and Michaelis-Menton Model of Soil Carbon Respiration for a Central Amazonian Terra Firme Rainforest Site
Last known location: Senior Data Engineer, Solutions, dv01: Investor Tech, New York, NY (LinkedIn)

Name: Treibergs, Lija
Adviser: Daniel M. Sigman
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Testing the N Isotopes of Marine Particles as a Tool to Study Nitrogen Sources to Flow Cytometrically Sorted Phytoplankton in the Subtropical Ocean
Last known location: Senior Research Technician in Environmental Aquatic Geochemistry, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 

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Name: Eddy, Michael P.
Email: meddy@princeton.edu
Adviser: Blair Schoene
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: U-Pb Geochronology from the Pimple Hills near Ogdensburg, NJ: Implications for the Tectonic History of the Losee-Wanaque Composite Arc
Last known location: Assistant Professor, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN  (Website)

Name: McGinnis, Sean J. B.
Email: smcginni04@gmail.com
Adviser: Michael L. Bender
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Pushing the 123ka Barrier in Greenland: A Revisition in the Reconstruction of the Disturbed Section of GISP2/GRIP
Last known location: University of Alberta, Earth, Edmonton, Alberta and Atmospheric Sciences Department, Montreal in Canada

Name: Myhrvold, Conor L.
Email: conor.myhrvold@gmail.com
Adviser: Jeroen Tromp
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Global Effects of Seismic Wave Propagation from the Chicxulub Asteroid Impact
Last known location: Uber, Engineering @ Uber | Tech Brand | Eng Blog | Nature | Wildlife San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco, CA
Keywords: Geochemistry, Paleoclimate

Name: Wang, Yifeng
Email: yifeng.wang1@gmail.com
Adviser: Jeroen Tromp
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Geophysics: Imaging a Salt Dome in West Africa based on Spectral-Element and Adjoint Methods
Last known location: Business Unit CFO, Finance at the Kraft Heinz Company, Chicago, IL (LinkedIn)

Name: Xu, Nora L.
Email: noralxu@gmail.com
Adviser: Michael L. Bender
Specialization: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Senior Thesis: Bio-optical Properties and Mixed Layer Net Community Production of Southern Ocean Phytoplankton
Last known location: Market Operations Manager, OhmConnect, Portland, OR
Keywords: Energy, Electricity

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Name: Dee, Sylvia
Email: sylvia.dee@rice.edu
Advisers: James Smith (CEVE), Greg van der Vink
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: The Application of Multi-Variable Geospatial Analysis to an Environmentally Sustainable Reconstruction of Afghanistan
Last known location: Assistant Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences, Rice University, Houston, TX  (Website)
Keywords: Paleoclimate, Hydrology

Name: Hamming, Carl A.
Email: carlhamming@gmail.com
Adviser: Gerta Keller
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: The Cretaceious-Tertiary (K-T) Boundary at Wadi Nukhul, Egypt: Planktic Foraminiferal Turnover and Environmental Changes
Last known location: Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Planning Director, Anaconda, MT

Name: Hepburn, Christopher R.
Email: chepburn10@gmail.com
Adviser: Allan M. Rubin
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Dynamic vs. Static Triggering: An Evaluation of Aftershock Decay with Distance
Last known location: CFA, Associate at Tishman Speyer, London, UK

Name: Morse, Zachary M.
Email: zmorse11@gmail.com
Adviser: Adam C. Maloof
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Reinterpretation of the Elatina Rhythmite Fold Structures: Evidence for a Seasonal Slushball Earth and Giant Impact Lunar Formation ~4.4 Ga
Last known location: Trader at Ospraie Management, New York, NY (LinkedIn)

Name: Ryan, Darcie E.
Email: darcielittlebadger@gmail.com
Adviser: François M. M. Morel
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Trichodesmium Response to Ocean Acidification
Last known location: Earth scientist writer, Ph.D. in Oceanography from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

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Name: Bernard, Rachel
Advisers: Jean Prevost
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: The Risks and Behavior of Carbon Dioxide Leakage from Geologic Reservoirs
Last known location:  Visiting Assistant Professor at Amherst College, Amherst, MA (Website)

Name: Wall, Meredith
Email: merewall@gmail.com
Advisers: Gregory van der Vink
Specialization: Environmental Science
Senior Thesis: Environmentally-Sustainable Poverty Reduction: Rural Road Development in Liberia
Last known location:  Marketing Manager at Clif Bar and Company

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Name: Barnhart, Katy
Email: krbarnhart@usgs.gov
Advisers: Linc Hollister
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Metamorphism of Proterozoic Rocks in North Central New Mexico based on Quantitative Thermobarometry
Last known location:  Research Civil Engineer at U.S. Geological Survey (Website)
Keywords: Geomorphology, Civil Engineering

Name: Martin, Raleigh
Email: raleighmartin@gmail.com
Advisers: James A. Smith, Satish C. Myneni
Specialization: Environmental Science
Senior Thesis: Urbanization, Aerosols, and Precipitation Modification in Beijing
Last known location:  Program Director, National Science Foundation (LinkedIn)

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Name: Vermylen, John
Email: john.vermylen@gmail.com
Advisers: Thomas S. Duffy
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: The Thermoelastic Properties of Hematite with Implications for Galilean Satellite Interiors
Last known location:  VP Operations, Banza, New York, NY (Linkedin)

Name: Smith, Laura
Advisers: John Suppe
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Active Deformation of the Jid Fault, Mongolian Altai
Last known location:  Director, Antarctic Small boat tour company (Website)

Name: Zwillinger, Rachel
Email: rachel.zwillinger@gmail.com
Advisers: Satish C. Myneni
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Speciation of iodine in soil using synchrotron x-rays
Last known location:  Assistant General Counsel for Enforcement at the California Environmental Protection Agency (Website)

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Name: Schweizer, Maia
Email: maiaks@gmail.com
Advisers: Gerta Keller, Daniel Sigman
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: The Paleoenvironment and Trophic Structure of Eocene Lake Messel, Germany: A Stable Isotope Study
Last known location:  Chief Executive Officer, CEO at CleanCo Queensland, Syndey, AU (LinkedIn, Website)
Keywords: Astrobiology, Paleontology

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Name: Jarrett, Andrew
Email: awjarrett@gmail.com
Advisers: John Suppe
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Detachments Folds: An Evaluation of Current Models Applied to the Yakeng Anticline, Western China and a Deep Water Structure, Off-Coast Angola
Last known location:  Vice President - Exploration at Verdad Resources, Denver, Colorado (Linkedin)

Name: Levine, Naomi
Email: n.levine@usc.edu
Advisers: Michael Bender
Specialization: Environmental Science
Senior Thesis: The δ18O of Dissolved O2 in Seawater:Implications for Ocean Respiration and Circulation
Last known location:  Assistant Professor, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA (Website)
Keywords: Marine Biogeochemical Cycling, Microbial Ecosystem Dynamics

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Name: Hadley, Owen
Advisers: Jorge Sarmiento
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: A Descriptive Study of Antarctic Intermediate Water in the Southern Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans
Last known location:  Navigation Manager for Alaska and the Pacific Islands, NOAA Office of Coast Survey (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Physical Oceanography

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Name: Adler, Jennifer
Email: jenniferfa79@gmail.com
Advisers: Thomas S. Duffy
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: A High-Pressure Study of SrTiO3
Keywords: Physics, Chemistry

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Name: Langin, William
Email: bill.langin@gmail.com
Adviser: W. Jason Morgan, Hans-Peter Bunge, John Suppe
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Volcanism in the Far Field of Subduction Zones
Last known location: Vice President Exploration - North America and Brazil at Shell, Houston, TX (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Geology, Public Policy

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Name: Hoehler, Matthew
Email: mhoehler@hotmail.com
Adviser: William Bonini, Jean H. Prévost, Georgios Deodatis
Specialization: Geological Engineering
Senior Thesis: The Effects of Canyon Topography on Ground Motion at Bixby Creek, California
Last known location: Research Structural Engineer, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), MD (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Engineering, Structural

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Name: Joe Faber
Email: joefaber@alumni.princeton.edu
Adviser: François M. Morel, Daniel M. Kammen
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: The dissemination of photovoltaics in Kenya : a market characterization and industrial-ecological analysis of lead pollution
Last known location: Financial Services
Keywords: Environmental Science, Environmental Policy

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Name: Richardson, Eliza
Email: eur10@psu.edu
Adviser: Jason Morgan
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: The effects of last squares inverse filters on data from the Southern Sierra passive array experiment
Last known location: Associate Professor, Penn State University, University Park, PA 

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Name: Levine, Arielle
Adviser: Dan Schrag
Specialization: Environmental Science
Senior Thesis: The effects of El Nino on cash crop production in developing countries
Last known location: Professor, Department of Geography, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

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Name: Kovatch, Cecily
Email: cecilyk2000@mac.com
Adviser: Peter Jaffe
Specialization: Environmental Science
Senior Thesis: Comparison of Experimental and Computer-Modeled Flushing Times for Trichloroethylene-Contaminated Sands, Sandy Silts, and Clayey Silts
Last known location: Innovation Consultant, New York, NY (Website)

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Name: Coburn, Philip
Email: pmcoburn@alumni.princeton.edu
Adviser: John Suppe, Jason Morgan
Specialization: Geology
Thesis Title: Rifting on Venus: Observations from Stereo Imagery and Implications of the Relationship Between Simple Rifts, Volcanic Rises, and Coronae on Venus
Last known address: High School Science Teacher (LinkedIn)

Name: Henderson, Todd M.
Email: toddh@uchicago.edu
Adviser: John Suppe, William Bonini
Specialization: Geology
Thesis Title: A Gravity and Structural Interpretation of the Los Angeles Basin, California
Last known address: Michael J. Marks Professor of Law, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Name: Peterson, Jamie
Email: jpeterson71@comcast.net
Adviser: Cecilia MacLeod, Richard Yuretich, Peter Jaffe
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Adsorption Isotherms of Mercury on Sediment from the Kirkwood-Cohansey Aquifer System
Last known location: AVP & Senior Attorney at HNTB (LinkedIn)

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Name: Albert, E. Jason
Advisers: William Bonini
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: A tectonic interpretation of the eastern Beartooth Mountains, Montana and Wyoming

Name: Poggi, Sarah
Email: shpoggi@gmail.com
Advisers: Robert Hargraves
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Shattercones in the Beaverhead Valley Montana
Last known location:  Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician

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Name: Dejesus, Todd H.
Email: toddster90@aol.com
Adviser: William Bonini
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: K/AR dating and Paleomagnetism
Last known location: Capital Projects and Grants Manager
Keyword: Aqueous Geochemistry, Environmental Science

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Name: Hohmann, David J.
Email: fact.chair@gmail.com
Adviser: Kenneth Deffeyes, Lynn M. Hubbard (CEES)
Specialization: Environmental Science
Senior Thesis: Analysis of Indoor Radon and Geology of New Jersey
Last known location: Environmental Specialist 2, Ohio EPA Central District, Bexley, OH  (Website)
Keywords: Geochemistry, Science Policy

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Name: McCardell, Clay
Email: clay@explorerventures.com
Adviser: Robert Hargraves
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: An Experimental Approach to Pyroclastic Flow Modelling and Ash Loss within the Central Victoria (Australia) Cauldron Sequences
Last known location: President of Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving, Casper, WY (LinkedIn)

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Name: Shudofsky, Gordon
Email: gshudofsky@outlook.com
Adviser: F. Anthony Dahlen
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Source and Path Properties of East African Earthquakes Using Rayleigh Wave Inversion and Body Wave Modeling
Last known location: Retired / Independent Consultant

Name: Swearingen, Patrick
Email: phswear@gmail.com
Adviser: Ahmet S. Cakmak. F. Anthony Dahlen
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: An Evaluation of Seismicity and Seismic Risk in the Northern North Sea
Last known location: Partner, Energy Trust Capital, Dallas, TX (Website)
Keywords: Civil & Geological Engineering

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Name: Fox, Lydia
Email: lkfox@pacific.edu
Adviser: William Bonini
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Compositional variations and implications of petrogenesis of the Kernville pluton, southern Sierra Nevada, California
Last known location: Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Research
Keyword: Civil Engineering

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Name: Selverstone, Jane
Adviser: Lincoln Hollister
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: P-T-X Relationships in Cordierite Granulites from the Shewold Area, British Columbia
Last known location: Retired
Keyword: metamorphic petrology, tectonics

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Name: Hastings, David
Email: dwhastings@gmail.com
Adviser: David Crerar
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Riverine transport of iron and aluminum in the New Jersey Pine Barrens
Last known location: Professor, retired  (LinkedIn)
Keywords: Paleoclimate, Chemical Oceanography

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Name: Perkins, James
Email: jjperkinsjr@gmail.com
Adviser: Kenneth Deffeyes, Edith Brown Weiss (Georgetown Law), William Bonini
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: An Attempt to Refine the Wilderness Decision-Making System
Last known location: Senior Counsel, Stoel Rives LLP  (Website)

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Name: Hampson, Jack
Email: jack.hampson@atkinsglobal.com
Adviser: Lincoln Hollister
Specialization: Climate Science
Senior Thesis: Petrographic examination of metamorphic rocks from the Morse Basin area, Prince Rupert-Skeena map area, British Columbia
Last known location: Project Director, Climate Resilience, Tampa, FL  (LinkedIn)
Keyword: Geological Oceanography

Name: Tréhu, Anne
Email: anne.trehu@oregonstate.edu
Adviser: Jason Morgan
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Mother Earth Splits a Seam: a computer movie of the evolution of the Galapagos Spreading Center
Last known location: Professor, Oregon State University  (Website)

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Name: Petty, Susan
Email: spetty@altarockenergy.com
Adviser: David Kinsman
Specialization: Geology, Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: The hydrology and sedimentology of the Rock Ridge Lake drainage basin
Last known location: CTO AltaRock Energy, Senior Advisor Cyrq Energy, Seattle, WA  (Website)
Keyword: Geohydrology, Geochemistry, Marine Geology, Microbiology, Thermodynamics


Name: Logsdon, Mark
Email: mark.logsdon@sbcglobal.net
Adviser: H.D. Holland
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Studies in the Plutonic Rocks of Eastern Pinal County, Arizona: Mineralogy, Petrology, Fluid Inclusions, and Geochemistry of Chlorine
Last known location: Principal Geochemist, Geochimica, Inc., Aptos, CA
Keywords: Hydrogeology, Chemistry

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Name: Gingerich, Philip
Email: gingeric@umich.edu
Adviser: Glenn Jepsen, Grace Brush, Franklyn Van Houten, Alfred Fischer
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: Pollen stratigraphy of the Polecat Bench Formation, Paleocene, Park County, Wyoming
Last known location: Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences, Ecology and Evolution, and Anthropology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (Website)
Keyword: Biology

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Name: Clermont, Kevin
Email: kmc12@cornell.edu
Adviser: Robert Phinney
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: A Computer Program for Gravitational Attraction of Arbitrary Three-Dimensional Bodies
Last known location: Robert D. Ziff Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, Ithaca, NY  (Website)

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Name: Feiss, Paul
Email: pgfeiss@gmail.com
Adviser: DIck Hargraves
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Contact metamorphism at Ascutney Mountain, Windsor County, Vermont
Last known location: Retired

Name: Myers, Allen
Email: acmyers61@gmail.com
Adviser: Sheldon Judson
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: The Damariscotta Oyster Shell Heaps: Some Further Considerations
Last known location: Semi-retired; UCC Pastor; reed organ restorer
Keywords: Oceanography, Biogeology

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Name: Helz, George
Email: helz@umd.edu
Adviser: Dick Holland
Specialization: Geochemistry
Senior Thesis: Solubility of Strontianite
Last known location: Professor emeritus, University of Maryland, College Park, MD  (Website)
Keyword: Environomental Chemistry

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Name: Dunne, Michael
Email: mikesdunne@sbcglobal.net
Adviser: William Bonini
Specialization: Geophysics
Senior Thesis: Study of Seismic Shear Waves & Wave Amplitudes in the Gulf of Maine
Last known location: Retired
Keyword: Astrophysics

Name: French, James
Email: jfrench@dunnconstruction.com
Adviser: William Bonini
Specialization: Geology
Senior Thesis: The Geology in the Vicinity of Gualapu, The Guahira Peninsula, Columbia
Last known location: Vice Chairman, Dunn Investment Company, Birmingham, AL

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