Minor in Climate Science

The Climate Science Minor provides the introduction to climate science needed to pursue climate-science-facing careers and make informed decisions as citizens on a changing planet.

Climate science is math, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science, applied together to understand how Earth's climate works, how it has changed in the past, and how it may change in the future. Whether a student is interested in policy making, sustainability, natural hazards, city planning, pollution, geoengineering, natural resources, energy, or conservation, a broad and accurate understanding of climate science is required.


  • There are no prerequisites for the minor.

Program of Study

  • The Climate Science Minor requires 5 classes, including 2-4 core courses and 1-3 capstone electives from the list below.
  • Students can substitute climate-related advanced capstone electives for the capstone courses with permission from the Director of Minors (DoM) or Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS).
  • At most one of the capstone electives can be double-counted with courses they take for their major or other minor.
  • Independent work is not required for the minor.
Core Courses (choose 2-4)

GEO102 Climate: Past, present and future
GEO103 Natural disasters 
GEO202 Ocean, atmosphere, and climate 
GEO203 The habitable planet 

Capstone Electives (choose 1-3)

GEO360 Topics in environmental justice in the geosciences
GEO362 Earth history 
GEO366 Climate change: Impacts, adaptation, policy 
GEO367 Modeling the Earth System: Assessing climate mitigation strategies

Advanced Substitutes for Capstone Electives (choose 0-3)

GEO361 Earth's atmosphere 
GEO363 Environmental geochemistry 
GEO369 Environmental materials chemistry 
GEO370 Sedimentology 
GEO416 Microbial life 
GEO417 Environmental microbiology
GEO425 Introduction to Ocean Physics for Climate
GEO428 Biological oceanography
GEO435 Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles
GEO470 Environmental chemistry of soils

Admission to the Program


  • Students register by submitting the Geosciences Climate Science Minor form linked above. Your information will be forwarded to Sheryl Robas, GEO Administrative Coordinator.
  • Students interested in the minor are encouraged to meet with Professor Laure ResplandyDirector of the Minor (DoM).


Program Coordinators

Laure Resplandy
Director of the Minor (DoM)
Assistant Professor of Geosciences and the High Meadows Environmental Institute
Climate Science
Sheryl Ann Robas
Geosciences Academic Coordinator
Undergraduate/Graduate Administrator
The Department of Geosciences