Undergraduate Research Projects

Undergraduate independent research is emphasized in the Department of Geosciences. Below are titles from recent Senior Theses. 
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Geosciences Senior Theses

Class of 2022

Abigail Baskind
The Role of Source Water Carbonate Chemistry in Setting Outgassing in the Southern Ocean in CMIP6 models
Adviser: Graeme MacGilchrist and Daniel Sigman

Galen Cadley
Diversity, Distribution and Environmental Preferences of Nitrite Oxidizing Bacteria in the ETNP
Adviser: Bess Ward

Samuel Cryan
Presence and Abundance of SAR11-Nar Genes in Oxygen Minimum Zones 
Adviser: Bess Ward

Jakob Kintzele
Fracture Transport of Ocean Water in Europa’s Cooling Ice Shell
Adviser: Allan Rubin

Isabel Koran
Iron Oxide-apatite Mineralization in the New Jersey Highlands: Apatite as Coupled Geochronometer and Petrogenetic Indicator
Adviser: Blair Schoene

Hanna Szabo
Potassium Fractionation Across Oscillatory Zoning in a K-spar Megacryst, Tuolumne Intrusive Complex CA
Advisers: Blair Schoene

Yuri Tamama
Tectonics and Seismicity of the Tajik Basin
Advisers: Frederik Simons


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