Undergraduate Research Projects

Undergraduate independent research is emphasized in the Department of Geosciences. Below are titles from recent Senior Theses. 
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Geosciences Senior Theses

Class of 2020

Roman M. Ackley

Holocene Climate Change in Norway: A Multi-Proxy Lacustrine Record from
Proglacial Lake Kongressvatnet

Adviser:  Allan M. Rubin

Sam Bartusek

Turbulent Influence on the Tropical Tropopause Layer: Global Convection-Resolving Model Study
Adviser:  Stephan A. Fueglistaler

Udit Basu

Environmental Effects of Deccan Volcanism During the Late Cretaceous
Adviser:  Gerta Keller

Alexander A. Cavoli

Seed Theory and ENSO Variability:Re-Evaluating the Distribution of Tropical Cyclogenesis
Adviser:  Gabriel A. Vecchi

Kiley Coates

Compost Chemistry: Utilizing Food Waste as a Soil Amendment
Adviser:  Satish C. Myneni

Charles Copeland

Coupled Soil Moisture and Plant Water Storage Dynamics Amilcare Porporato
Adviser:  Amilcare Porporato
              Satish C. Myneni

Perrin A. Hagge

Ca and Mg Fractionation in C3 and C4 Grasses and Their Implications For Reconstructing Paleo Diets and Serving as Biosignatures
Adviser:  John A. Higgins

Polly Hochman

Isotopic Analysis of Pb in Trenton Tap Water and the Implications for Constraining Sources of Pb Contamination
Adviser:  John A. Higgins

Liam P. O’Connor

Pinpointing the Provenance of Deccan Zircons
Adviser:  Blair Schoene

Calvin Rusley

Effect of Fe and Oxygen Addition on Methane Release from Temperate Wetland Soil
Adviser:  Xinning Zhang

Elizabeth L. Wallace

Retention and Loss of Fixed Nitrogen in a Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone
Adviser:  Bess Ward

Laurie A. Zielinski

Evaluation of a Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Characterizing Cultural Heritage Materials
Adviser:  Thomas S. Duffy


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Past Junior Research:

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