Undergraduate Research Projects

Undergraduate independent research is emphasized in the Department of Geosciences. Below are titles from recent Senior Theses. 
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Geosciences Senior Theses

Class of 2021

Amy Amatya
Receiver Function Analysis of the Mantle Transition Zone Beneath Cape Verde
Adviser: Frederik J. Simons

Diana Chao
Modeling Past and Future Extreme Weather Correlations Across North America
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer

Casey H. Conrad
Bowling Green as the Achilles Heel: An Updated Analysis Of New York City’s Subway System in Response to Predicted Sea Level Rise 
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer

Stacey L. Edmonsond
Were Shallow Carbonate Geochemistry and Production Different During the Last Interglacial Period?
Adviser: Adam C. Maloof

Nina L. Grant
Effects of Solar GeoEngineering on Indian Monsoon Precipitation Patterns 
Adviser: Gabriel A. Vecchi

Grace S. Kortum
On Weather as a Driver of Multidecadal Shifts in the Distribution of Tropical Cyclone Tracks 
Advisers: Gabriel A. Vecchi, Michael Oppenheimer

Margaret Jackson-Lynch
Glacial/Interglacial Changes in Diatom-Bound δ15N in the Atlantic Sector of the Antarctic Zone 
Advisers: Daniel M. Sigman, Satish Myneni

Emma McMahon
The Response of the Urban Heat Island to El Niño-Southern Oscillation
Adviser: Gabriel A. Vecchi

Levy I. Nathan
A Dive into the Chesapeake Bay: An Investigation of the Parameters Shaping Nitrous Oxide Distribution 
Adviser: Bess B. Ward

William Ueberroth
Environmental Controls on N2O Concentration and Emissions in Global Estuaries 
Adviser: Bess Ward

Ona M. Underwood
Tracing Southern Ocean Nitrate Consumption from Nitrogen Isotopes in Foraminifera Over the Past 1.5 Million Years
Adviser: Daniel M. Sigman

John (Wesley) Wiggins
Sea-Level Rise on the Eastern Shore of Maryland: Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Environmental Justice 
Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer, Allan Rubin

Tyrone Zhang
Evaluating Forecasting Methods for Precipitation Using Weather Data Collected on Top of Guyot Hall
Adviser: Frederik J. Simons



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