Undergraduate Research Projects

Undergraduate independent research is emphasized in the Department of Geosciences. Below are titles from recent Senior Theses.

Geosciences Senior Theses

Class of 2019

Elijah Ash

Journey to the Not-So-Center of the Earth: Possible Seismic Velocity Anomaly in the Outer-Core Tangent Cylinder

Adviser: Jessica Irving

Jack R. M. Burdick

Attribution of U.S. Economic Losses due to Tropical Cyclones

Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer

Enrique M. del Castillo

A Numerical and Field-Data Evaluation of the Critical Taper Model for Orogenic Wedge Stability

Adviser: Blair Schoene

Kyle Duffey

Raman Spectroscopy of Near-Endmember Tourmalines Dravite and Magnesio-Foitite to 24 GPa

Adviser: Thomas Duffy

Katherine L. DuRussel

Estimating Rates of Anaerobic Nitrite Oxidation in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone through Incubation Experiments

Adviser: Bess Ward

Artemis Marion Eyster

Liana, Arrested Succession, and Decreased Carbon Storage: Examining the Links between Topography, Liana Density, and the Persistence of Low-Canopy Areas

Adviser: Gabriel Vecchi

Angel Sarah Fan

The Effect of Geometries in Curved-Crease Origami Patterned Surfaces on the Acoustics of Spaces

Adviser: Sigrid Adriaenssens (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Alec Getraer

Tributary Slopes Record Regional Climate and Constrain Branching Angles in U.S. River Networks

Adviser: Adam Maloof

Benjy Getraer

Comparison of Grace Derived Greenland Mass Wasting to Near Surface Temperature from MERRA-2 Reanalysis

Adviser: Laure Resplandy

Emily C. Geyman

How Do Shallow Carbonates Record Sea Level and Seawater Chemistry? The Bahamas as a modern analogue for climate records preserved in ancient carbonates

Adviser: Adam Maloof

Jake Martin

An Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) of Extreme Sea-Level (ESL) Events in Hawaii to Evaluate the Hawaii Sea-Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Report

Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer

Yaakov G. Mitchell

Prochlorococcus & the Secondary Chlorophyll Maximum in the East Tropical North Pacific Oxygen Deficient Zone

Adviser: Bess Ward

SiSi (LiQian) Peng

Environmental Factors Influencing the Formation of Organobromines in Coastal Soils

Adviser: Satish Myneni

Kimberly Akemi Peterson

Contributions of Overshooting Convection Over the South Asian Monsoon Region to Stratospheric Water Vapor

Adviser: Stephan Fueglistaler

James William Tralie

Seismological Analysis of the Mohorovičić and Mantle Discontinuities Below Cape Verde Using Receiver Functions

Adviser: Frederik Simons

Keeley M. Walsh

Primary Productivity in the Gulf of Alaska in a High-Resolution Global Climate Model

Adviser: Laure Resplandy

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