Undergraduate Research Projects

Undergraduate independent research is emphasized in the Department of Geosciences. Below are titles from recent Senior Theses. 
Library Lookup Tool:  Princeton University Undergraduate Senior Theses, 1924-2019

Geosciences Senior Theses

Class of 2023

Benjamin Buchovecky
Effect of the Plant Physiological Response to CO2 on Tropical Precipitation and the ITCZ
Adviser: G. Vecchi / A. Swann (Univ. of Washington)

Isabel Rodrigues
A Minimally-Invasive, On-Site Method for Lead-Lined Water Service Lines: A Case Study in Trenton, NJ
Adviser: J. Higgins / B. Schoene

Jacob Stoebner
The Four Seasons of Organic Carbon: How Agricultural Practices Impact Freshwater Dissolved Organic
Adviser: S. Myneni / C. Peters (CEE)

For Undergraduate Students

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This brochure is meant to give comprehensive coverage of the academic requirements for GEO undergraduate students and provide information on individual courses offered.


Available documents for Undergraduate review:

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Past Junior Research:

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